Yi Wood: The Master Strategist



We have just witnessed one of the most interesting election, the battle of two powerful 乙 Yi Woods. Good Yi Woods are known to be Master Politicians as they are blessed with the uncanny ability to wheel almost everything to their favor while gaining utmost support. So it’s only fitting to say that it takes one great Yi Wood to be able to take down another Yi Wood.

乙 Yi can be called many things as they are extremely flexible in view, in will and sometimes also in loyalty. Most people have used lesser words but I prefer to use the word Master Strategist. But master strategist at what? And what does this Yi mean to you?

If Yi is your Companion star: You’re a true survivalist. There’s nothing that can take you down for long and when you put your mind to something, it will be done in whatever ways necessary. So that makes you a master of Life.

If Yi is your Resource star: You love and know every rule in the book when it comes to the art of ‘war’. Every tactic, every comeback, every ambush, you enjoy studying it. In most cases, that also makes you a great conspiracy theorist.

If Yi is your Wealth star: You frequently use tactical and strategic manipulation skills in getting deals and for wealth pursuits. The irony is that, for males, it also means that they are frequently ‘strategically and tactically manipulated’ by their own wives.

If Yi is your Influence star: You are strategic in ensuring your career progression. Power, status, reputation means a lot to you and you will strategically place yourself to gain these opportunities. Also a master strategist in asset accumulation。

If Yi is your Output: These are the people who have the means and ability to carry out tactical strategies to its fullest potential. Either they teach/preach it to the masses or they themselves become the master executor of life strategies in ways you’ve never seen. The good thing is that Output (especially the Eating God) are also quite principled, which ensures these Yi strategies are not misused.

Other things worth noting, Yi also represents attachment, fear, anger and also your kidneys.


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