7 Killings v2.0

Throughout the years my views on 7 Killings have drastically changed based on my own experiences. Traditionally this has always been the most dreadful star, bringing challenges, obstacles, painful change, haters, everything and anything unpleasant BUT if we’re being realistic here hasn’t that always been the best way we learn and grow? What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger?

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Imagine you holding your hot coffee on a Monday morning, the train was already late and you’re rushing to work. Someone slams right into you causing your coffee to spill all over. You spilled coffee because you were holding coffee. Had you been holding water, you’d spill water. What I’m getting at is whatever that’s inside your cup spills out….everywhere.

Therefore when 7Killings comes along to (and it will) shake you up, whatever that is inside you comes out. It’s easy to control (or fake) our true self until we’re rattled.

So ask yourself, “When life gets tough, what spills out?” “What is inside you all along?” Is it Anger, Bitterness, Harsh reactions or is it Gratefulness, Humility, Forgiveness and Joy?

This…. is 7 Killings. It’s the outcome of your reaction when life is seemingly ‘tougher’. When someone comes in to ‘knock into you and spill your coffee’.

Most people fear 7 Killings so much because naturally, humans tend to have a resistance towards pain or change. They want everything but sometimes seem to lack the willpower to withstand what actually needs to be done/sacrificed to get there.

7 Killings when embraced, makes passive people finally take action, gives people a sense of courage and movement (plus beneficial life lessons) especially for the more immovable and unchangeable day masters. At its ultimate best, it means being in a position of power or being in the presence of powerful people or powerful opportunities. The scariest star, when used right, always ends up being the most useful one.

How do you use it right, you ask? Check your cup. Does spilling your coffee on a day you’re late make you blow your top? Spoil your entire day and everyone else’s you came in contact with? You laugh it off? Or even ask if the other person is okay? Make a new friend who turns out to be the CEO of a company you were dying to work for? Or does the harshness of life make you even harder (which in turns invites harsher 7Ks)? or make you even better? You choose.

Traditionally stronger day masters are supposed to be able to take this better and weaker ones will suffer from it. Strength of a chart only comes into play if you have absolutely NO intention to better yourself. But for anyone who is willing to improve and take on certain character upgrade, the strength you are born with doesn’t play a big role anymore. Maybe you were due for an upgrade anyway.

5 thoughts on “7 Killings v2.0

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  2. Absolutely love this post. I will be going through a 7 Killing luck pillar starting next year, so this post really helps me out in understanding the star better in relation to life. ^_^


  3. Im really grateful with all your post, thank you for share us, I have a question, someone told if you have 7k a woman chat it mean you will have lovers, and a man chart it means son, please let me know if it is true


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