The Bedroom Code: Sexual Compatibility

Something more interesting and fun this time!

I’ve shared this a couple of time to those who’ve asked me about it. Did you know that you could see someone’s sexual needs, likes and dislikes just from their Hour pillar? Are you and your partner sexually compatible? Which one are you? Or rather, how can you understand your partner and have a healthier relationship?


So let’s get to it. Firstly, you don’t even need their Bazi, all you need is their Hour of birth. Simple enough? Then, check which 3 categories they fall into: Cardinals, Growth or Graveyards. The best match is when you belong to the same category as this at least ensures that your expectations are in line with one another. This applies for both male and females.


The lover of all lovers. Master of romance and the romeos of the 3. All cardinals are passionate to boot, with an appetite to match. When it comes to the love making department they are charming, suave and will always make you feel like you’re the only person in their universe (even if you’re not, oops). They crave eye contact, are very touchy-feely and it’s all about if you’ve both achieved emotional satisfaction on top of physical satisfaction. Anything less will put them off entirely, which is why despite being able to charm the socks out of anyone, most of them can’t do the One Night Stand thing. Even if they did it would be an encounter they don’t enjoy or remember fondly.

Keyword: Passion.

Matches: Another Cardinal or Growth. The graveyard is too mechanical and feelingless for the Cardinal.


The keyword for Growth hour pillars are, Novelty and Fun. All Growths are experts at infusing passion with the excitement of something new hence they will always be open to new positions, new locations, new entry points? *grin* You can be sure that you’re never bored and there’s aways something new to try out. Most likely to have a checklist to all the positions in the book, enjoys role playing and the females would have a whole closet full of racy lingerie, while the male enjoys admiring them. Most importantly, they enjoy keeping their experiences fun, light hearted and spontaneous. Anything continuously monotonous, repetitive or overly serious would bore them to death. Since growth are also traveling stars, they’d probably be more drawn to concepts akin to the mile high club.

Keyword: Fun.

Matches: All because they are always up for something new but another Growth is best.


Graveyards are an interesting and complex bunch. Because Graveyards hides so much secrets that you are sometimes totally taken off guard. Nevertheless amongst the 3, they tend see sex as just a tool or a task/need to fulfill hence they tend to be more ‘mechanical’ about it. This can be a fulfillment of responsibility, a fulfillment of a right of passage or sometimes it can even be just a fulfillment of ego (females included). Every move is somewhat more measured and calculated therefore they are least likely to finish off their spouse after they are done as their sense of achievement is about ‘completing the task’ without much consideration for emotional attachment. Sex and love are 2 totally separate things. But even so, because they have so much storage, they are most likely to have the most stamina at one go. Despite their appearance, they are most likely to have hidden fetishes and most likely to have more outlandish sexual requests.

Keyword: Unexpected

Matches: Another Graveyard. Maybbbeee a Growth but never a Cardinal. That amount of passion might scare or suffocate a Graveyard.


I want to thank all my CRAZZYY friends who shares every single detail of their sexual encounters with me, even when I didn’t ask and even when it’s too much information *laughs* resulting in a very thorough study done on my end. I love you all to bits because I realized I’m very blessed to have true friends like these who are overly comfortably in divulging every single indecent thing under the sun, laughing for hours and finding it absolutely normal.


5 thoughts on “The Bedroom Code: Sexual Compatibility

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  2. I’m a babbit hour, so the passionate. I’m a romantic at heart. Not surprising that I write romance books for a living. LOL!


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