The Fan Yin Check List

The dreaded Fan Yin 反吟. This is probably the most unpleasant thing (it always comes together with Fu Yin when triggered) to see in a chart when involving the Day Master. It’s worse if it suddenly appears in your Luck Pillar instead of having it in the natal chart. The difference is that if you’re born with it, life experiences would have already equipped you to handle this at any given time. If it came from your Luck Pillar, you’re not. It denotes pain, extreme pain and does include physical harm, which is why it’s common for someone with natal chart Fan Yin to have a lot of bodily scars or damaged body parts to show for.

During the recent Bazi 10X, there’s a lot of talk about life threatening incidents and a lot of people freaked out unnecessarily. Seriously it is not that easy to die. I have an existing Fan Yin in my chart and I’m still here, with some battle scars and a lot of near miss, but nevertheless still here *laughs*. So what can you do to protect yourself?

  1. Stop all high risk activities: No sudden urge to bungee or risky experiments. Drive slow and be alert. Keep your car tyres in tip top condition.
  2. Stay Calm: Freaking out does not help. Neither does overthinking. Probably a good time to meditate more to keep your mind clear at all times and not react unnecessarily.
  3. Stay Happy: Everything will trigger you. It is meant to trigger you. You can choose to be upset or laugh it off. You decide.
  4. Plan your Days: If it’s in the year or month, take note of the clashing days/months again, mark it on your calendar and be more cautious. Stay home if you must.
  5. Find Your ‘Protectors’. The issue is intensified when your Output and Resource is completely gone. But it didn’t say you can’t find it in someone else. Look for your protectors, people who combines off the problem or your Nobleman. Keep them around you.
  6. Keep Status Quo: Don’t undertake any major decisions during that period of time, especially those that are really important to you. Let that period pass. Alternatively, if you’ve always wanted to end something, this is likely the best time to initiate it.

I define Fan Yin as everything and anything in life that conspires to make you commit that one lapse of judgement, which comes at an extremely big cost. It wants you to react and sometimes advising someone not to react is not as easy as it sounds as the events can be really random. Like having your estranged ex purposely show up at your event to trigger you while you work, at worst case, get others to trigger you too. The moment you react, you will lose everything. Suddenly having a car accident doesn’t look that bad anymore compared to this *kidding!*, but on the other end, the Fan Yin, like the coffee story earlier, does tell you to check your cup again just in a much more extreme state. As much as it wants to kill you, solve it and move on. Who knows, the rainbow might just be waiting for you after the storm.

8 thoughts on “The Fan Yin Check List

  1. Love this post. I have a fan yin in my BaZi chart, between the month and year pillar (Ding Si and Gui Hai). I’m a Yi Wood DM. Yeah, I have a few scars on me. LOL! Went through some tough stuff in life, too. ^_^ I will be going through a Gui Hai luck in the future. A bit worried as it’s going to be both a fan yin and a fu yin. I guess I’ll just have to be extra careful when the times come.

    P.S. Found your blog through Kevin’s facebook share, by the way. ^_^


    • Hi Alexia! That sort of clash in the month and year would denote your external circumstances are ever changing. The good news is Si-Hai is the most mild of clashes. So as long as you don’t let the emotional disturbance of your friends and family get to you, you will be fine 🙂


      • Thanks, Mindy. I understand the fan yin in pillar better now. I do notice that I used to be very involved when it comes to family and friends. I’m better at dealing with that now. I don’t let their emotional disturbance get to me anymore. LOL!


  2. thank you Mindy, I have two Fa Yin but at the same time are two DE too, the DE reduce the strong of Fa Yin ? (my day pilar is Ji You , the mounth is Yi Mao and the year Gui Mao)


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