‘You Had Me At Hello’ : The Relationship Code

Happiness is when you see your own friends being really happy. Recently 3 of my friend’s love lives suddenly kicked off. All 3 of them have had their own difficult past and I’m actually really happy to see that it all worked out well.

So for them, I actually used 3 different methods:

1. Bazi:

Person 1 is a divorcee and was pretty skeptical about the whole dating thing when someone interesting came into the picture. So I used the exact same Bazi analysis I used in the eloping story *laughs* that I’ve briefly covered before:

  • Day master replication/combination: When their day master appears in the other person’s chart or there are multiple combinations between 2 charts.
  • Keep in check: When one person’s chart takes away the problem area or Nullify clash or Death and Emptiness of the other person’s chart.
  • Balance: She has elements that he doesn’t and he has the ones she doesn’t.
  • Same journey: They have the same patterns in their birth chart.
  • Completeness: When you put their chart together they form a 3 Harmony.
  • Useful God – Self explanatory.
  • Red Matchmaker – When one or both are in their Red Matchmaker Shen Sha luck or are each other’s Red Matchmaker.
  • Sexual Compatibility: Explained here.

The logic of doing this checklist is that, the more factors you match, the more likely you are to stay together when life gets tough (clashes).

To date, they are dating and happily in love.

2. Feng Shui:

Person 2 has been single for about…. 8 years. Everyone he has met after his last relationship were either women unwilling to commit or just plain unsuitable in character or chemistry. He casually asked for help many months back. For him, I checked his peach blossom direction, got his house plan and told him to clear the area making sure it’s not only clutter-free but as aesthetically pleasing and as comfortable to spend time in as possible. He also got some fresh flowers and placed it there for quite awhile. I also quietly used the next method after this. He is planning his wedding as we speak.

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 5.54.11 PM.png

3. Qi Men Dun Jia

Person 3, broke up 2 years ago and occasionally rants about being single (and sexless) her whole life. I gave her a few ideal Qimen configurations to manifest. Incidentally, earlier in the year there was a really good and strong Deity Force direction. Whenever I see this, as Chief myself, I end up manifesting for my friends because it’s about 10 times more potent. Person 2 and Person 3 magically met their partners about the same time and are very much in love.

Yay! ♥


12 thoughts on “‘You Had Me At Hello’ : The Relationship Code

  1. Hi,

    Fantastic blog! I am a chief myself (level 5) and I’m interested in your final comment and would love to learn more about it.
    Wondering how you use your chief to manifest for you friend? And why it is more powerful for a friend?
    Can you please describe the steps?

    many thanks!


    • Hi!
      Chief is actually a form of nobleman and their ultimate purpose in life eventually is to serve/help others in some way. So when you are manifesting for someone else apart from yourself you are utilising the Chief in its highest form. As for how to use it, you can use your own direction for now. In my example I chose a Deity Force configuration to complement the manifestation. If you know how to pick that sort of configuration you can use it, if not just use your own for now and maybe you could pick up the course itself 🙂


  2. Hi Mindy. Love your blog. I would like to understand more on the “Keep in Tab” criteria. Is a person chart able to nullify clash or DE the spouse’s chart? Does it mean, Influence?


  3. Hi Mindy, I have a question about Daymaster Replication in another’s chart. For example from the following charts, the female’s daymaster appears in the males’ chart. Does that mean the male likes the female more than she likes him?

    Day: Geng Yin (Metal Tiger)
    Month: Jia Chen (Wood Dragon)
    Year: Ding Mao (Fire Rabbit)

    Day: Xin Chou (Metal Ox)
    Month: Geng Yin (Metal Tiger)
    Year: Bing Yin (Fire Tiger)

    Thank you! I hope you can answer my question. : ) I’m still learning Bazi and has found your blog very helpful.


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