The Clash Code

Heraclitus said ‘The only thing constant in life is Change’. Clashes are just change, the ones that you already saw coming. Like a dead end relationship you knew was going to end or a company restructure everyone’s been talking about for months. Something coming in to shake your very foundation. How it impacts you solely depends on the foundation you have been building and if it even supported you in the first place.

Technically, a Clash happens when two opposing animal signs meet. Their traits, characteristics and elements are in total opposition causing the energy to not be attuned to one another.

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 2.58.15 PM.png

Monkey [Yang Metal] clashing Tiger [Yang Wood], so on and so forth, except that Earth always clashes Earth.

Clashes are exceptionally useful to those with heavy Earth. Anyone who has ever tried to date a person with heavy Earth can tell you how annoying it is to not sense any sort of reaction or progress from the other person. Does she like me? Does she not? Did she appreciate what I did or planned? Is everything ok? Not ok? Her answer will always be a 1 word ‘OK’ (which may not be an OK!) and you hyperventilate and feel like strangling yourself.

Don’t strangle yet, just try clashing it. Suddenly there is movement, there is reaction and you get answers that you may or may not like but at least you got answers. The same goes to other areas in life. If you’re stagnating, you’re going to like seeing a clash. Even if you’re not stagnating, it’s about time to step up your game, the universe is forcing you to anyways. Like that VSS your employer informed you of 3 months ago? The more prepared and equipped you are, the faster you’ll rebound. However if you have been unemployed for 3 months, your chance is about to appear.

The only thing we really need to look out for in a Clash is your health and for Growth stars, you will be shaken, lose your focus which may cause you to be careless when it comes to personal safety. So if you’ve noticed certain recurring issues, do keep an eye on it during a clash.

Change is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle and beautiful at the end. There’s really nothing to fear about it because the greatest fear in life would not be of change, but of regret…


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