Chinese Metaphysics in the Consulting World

These couple of weeks I’ve had the luxury to meet up with all my ex-colleagues cum good buddies to catch up, to talk about the good old days, sharing project horror stories and we know we miss each other a lot when we all refuse to leave. *laughs*

We were all hardcore consultants and personally being in the technical consulting industry for 18 years with 23 full cycle projects, we’ve seen a lot. There are all sorts of bosses, all sorts of tactic, all sorts of cultures, clients, colleagues, they come in all shapes, sizes and patterns. You name it. Being a Business/IT Consultant especially with the big names meant that we don’t sleep, we don’t eat, we hardly see our homes and family, live out of our suitcase, our ‘home’ becomes the airport or ever changing hotel rooms. Some were present in war torn countries, deal with terrorist attacks, deadly political rallies, ghastly haunted rooms but the client’s wish is our command regardless. For a career path that takes too much out of a human, you better make sure it pays as much.

So learning Chinese Metaphysics in a field like this certainly gave me an added advantage, not to mention plenty of research material. I listen and try to address most of their concern since they are my bestest of friends through thick and thin, we were/are on the same boat. Almost all of them ended up picking up the subject themselves eventually. IT people are always attracted to Chinese Metaphysics, it’s governed by the same element anyways and their structured thinking somehow makes it much easier to pick it up.


The concerns range from, should I take up this project/change project? Can I hire person X for this role? Is the head hunter/agent pulling a fast one on me again? Is this company cashflow ok? Are they really able to go live on X date? When are they going to pay me and when to chase them? How to handle this boss/staff? How to ace this interview? How to convince the client to sign off?

Qi Men Dun Jia is a fantastic tool in my line of work because the nature of our job is fighting battles every other day. This is not about playing politics because most of us have no interest in that. We can’t even find time to slap someone with 2 faces. We just want to get things done on time as ethically as possible But if you’re going to be dragged onto a battle ground by force, you better know how to use a gun. Qimen is fantastic for forecasting an outcome, knowing who are your allies and frenemies, planning certain date and time to achieve the outcome you want (for example a sign off or smoother UAT).

Bazi is a lot about people matters or foreseeing the potential issues. Hiring matters and how to understand your staff/boss better. I believe in win-win situations when it comes to your own team so understanding how to compromise each other’s needs and what makes them tick, who is actually trustworthy and who is not is pretty important. People who are seemingly nice may not be nice, and people seemingly difficult may not be difficult. Even a ‘difficult’ person may just be misunderstood and there are ways to see/handle that. I will write about this soon.

I don’t cover Feng Shui that much because unless you are the business owner, you have no authority to renovate someone’s office space. We spend 90% of our time in the client’s office anyways and at most you can only sit on your most favourable direction (Sheng Qi in your Bazi chart) or tilt your table direction if that is even possible.

Ah… regardless I think we consultants love our job tremendously and would not have it any other way ♥


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