The Destruction Code

A Destruction is like a tooth extraction…. without anesthetics…. maybe with a plier…. but you have to do it because the tooth has gone bad. Leaving it as it is will infect your remaining teeth till you have none left…*hehe*

Okay, sorry for the gross analogy but that’s pretty much how it is. Which is why it can get pretty painful. Incidentally people with a Destruction in the natal chart also have very high tolerance to pain.

Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 3.54.27 PM

Which is also why Destruction is linked to behavioral problems. Lingering pain always causes people to turn to something else, like alcoholism or some form of addiction, to more subtle effects like carrying a huge sense of animosity and discontent towards family and friends or maybe just choosing to turn your back on your entire past.

The thing with Destruction is that it can go both ways. The trick is to always recognize that problems are meant to build you and not to destroy you. Destructions, when left unfixed, can really linger for a very long time and then hit you again. Like a friend of mine who has been extremely unhappy in marriage for the longest time and was going through a Destruction in the natal chart and luck pillar. Even then, she painstakingly did everything she possibly could to salvage the relationship for 10 years (yes the entire luck pillar cycle) till is shows in her energy and on her face and is also affecting her job performance. Even though she’s now moved into a brand new luck pillar all her issues continued to intensify with no end in sight. Yes, Destruction lingers even way after it’s gone. So on her 11th year, she finally decided to move on, not only with the relationship but to a brand new country with a brand new job and she’s been way happier ever since. Starting anew, a fresh reboot so to speak. So, I’m not advocating divorce here, but there are circumstances where if you need to let go, you need to let go. Cos like the tooth analogy, if you insist on holding on, not only your behavioral issues intensify, you’ll infect all the other tooth till eventually you have none. What’s the point in that?

In a more minor example, Destruction can also signify someone who has to change his entire environment all the time. Like nomads or government diplomats, uprooting entirely from country to country when their contract is up.

“Don’t Be Afraid To Start Over. It’s A Brand New Opportunity To Rebuild What You Truly Want”

No one ever said you can’t rewrite an entire book midway when that book belongs to you, so are you ready to rip off the band aid? ♥


8 thoughts on “The Destruction Code

  1. Hello, Mindy,
    I discovered your blog and it’s an inspiration, I simply love how clear and straight to the point the information is.
    I have Chen in my month pillar, which is also my DE and Ox in the year pillar. Ding is my DM. Is it safe to say that this destruction took place between my childhood and my youth and is now a thing of the past? I also don’t yet quite understand how DE plays out in this destruction.
    Thank you so much for your articles!


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