How To Love A 甲 Jia

甲 Jia (Yang Woods) are tall trees. They are extremely protective of their loved ones. They provide, shelter and protect them at all cost. They make model husbands/wives despite their sometimes stubborn and unyielding nature.

One of Jia’s biggest drive in life is growth. All trees grow upwards, hence they don’t and cannot remain stagnant. So the first key to loving a Jia, is to be someone who is willing to grow with them. Better still, be the source of their growth. Be their biggest supporter and the biggest reason for them to come home to. Family and friends naturally mean a lot to them and you would need to embrace them as your family too.

You can never argue with a Jia but if you must, always state your case with logical reasons….gently. They may be stubborn but they are certainly not unreasonable. When explained clearly especially with the outcome of mutual growth, the Jia will be more than willing to compromise.

甲 Jia Wood [combines] 己 Ji Earth

Jia naturally combines with a 己 Ji (Yin Earth), so Ji qualities not only attracts them the most but will turn this Jia into a powerful figure. Be nurturing, be gentle, kind and most importantly they become whatever they feed on so be the source of their growth, just like rich earth. Because the moment they sit on bad, unstable soil, their entire world will crumble.

Do this and not only will your 甲 Jia treasure you forever but because whatever you have planted in the soil, you shall reap in harvest ♥


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