How To Love A 丙 Bing

Bing Fire is literally the Sun. Which means they get up consistently at 6:30am and go back to bed at 7:30pm. Which makes them rather…. *(boring)* I mean stable and predictable… hehe ♥.

Almost all my best friends are Bing (they have an affinity with 癸 Yin Waters being the only 2 element in the sky) and they are the most warm, selfless, funny, reliable and always there when I need them the most. They would do anything for me (as I would for them) and never refuses to lend a helping hand, even when you never asked for it. So how do you love a Sun? Or rather how can you NOT love the Sun? The one thing that has infinite source and never needs anything in return?

Here’s the trick, actually they do 🙂

The Sun is so predictably boring, I mean stable (*hehehehehe*), that they will somehow be attracted to someone different, someone unpredictable who lives out life the way the Sun can’t. They love to learn things, to hear about things out of their comfort zone, so be interesting, be fun, be engaging BUT you always have to know when to go back to them and be by their side. It gets lonely up there all by themselves, feeling very misunderstood. They also have a tendency to sulk when they are ignored. They end up turning up the heat till absolutely no one can ignore them anymore. So cute.

That being said, the Sun can be somewhat high and mighty as well being the highest element up there and all. So you better be a little worldly and match them intellectually. They crave intellectual stimulation as much as they can. They also give so much that people sometimes forget to thank them. So don’t take them for granted and a little appreciation shown really goes a long way. I don’t think that they ask for much anyways.

They have one problem though, that is once they are in a relationship, they are stuck to it regardless of how bad the relationship becomes. This form of loyalty is fantastic when the relationship is a good one but they tend to not know when to call it quits when in a toxic relationship. I know this because I have a lot of Bing friends who refused to leave bad relationships or they just cling to it for far too long. Now I don’t know if it’s still called loyalty or just total unwillingness to get out of a steady routine or is it just their rigid perception that they can no longer move in a new direction?

丙 Bing (Yang Fire) [combine] 辛 Xin (Yin Metal)

Bing Fire combines with a Xin Metal. Very naturally, good looking people attracts Bing Fires. It helps that you carry yourself really well and can converse about anything fun, meaningful and interesting under the Sun (pun intended) because they just love listening to it. Keep them on their toes, keep them intrigued. Bings are also the most lustful of all signs and loves to please and be pleased in the bedroom as well.

When it comes to relationship Bing Fires are in for the long haul and will rarely waver until absolutely necessary, if even at all. All they ask for in return is some appreciation from the one they love and to know all their effort was worthwhile ♥


4 thoughts on “How To Love A 丙 Bing

    • Hi Jenny, without looking at the full chart this compatibility really depends on the strength of the DING day master. Normally if DING is very strong this union is in fact quite good because they share the same ideals and they complement each other. But if the DING is weak then this union will be too much for the DING to handle as GUI actually counters DING.


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