How To Love A 戊 Wu

戊 Wu are literally the mountain which means they don’t move and they don’t budge. But that makes them reliable so if you ever want someone to lend you a ear, you can always count on a Wu Earth. They are one of the best friends you can ever have and they are really good at keeping your secrets, as well as their own. Which makes figuring them out somewhat challenging unless your intuition is really strong. They are really down to earth and will not hesitate to provide for/help out their friends and family whom are very important to them. The quality time spent with friends is equally as important as the time spent with their family. Throwing house parties to merge these 2 together whenever possible is their most ideal wish.

As their life partner though, the one thing you need is patience. Your Wu earth sweetheart has a tendency to be really SLOOOWWW in making any decision, or taking any action. They are so poker faced that you have absolutely no idea what they are thinking or feeling until you really clash it out of them. When upset, they can be rather passive aggressive and you have no clue that something is wrong.

Another thing about them is that in any discussion, they won’t budge. They rarely budge in their stand unless something very drastic happens to change it. Forget about convincing or trying to get them to do something they really don’t want or don’t believe in. More often than not, this will end up in an explosive argument as Wu Earths tend to bottle up their frustrations and unleash it at one go.

So this too….requires a bit of patience and understanding. I was brought up by 2 Wu Earths. Any ‘discussion’ is already a non-negotiable decision *laughs*. Social image is also extremely important to them so never openly put them down or undermine their belief. They get really hurt by it because they would have done anything to openly protect their loved ones in return. When hurt, it simmers for a long…longggg time.

戊 Wu (Yang Earth) [combines] 癸 Gui (Yin Water)

For someone who can’t ‘move’ around that much they are actually secretly attracted to the free spirited and those who are more flexible in thought and more willing to compromise. Being naturally protective they do enjoy being the reliable shelter people keep coming to especially when those efforts are appreciated and people actually take on their advice. It also helps to be someone who is naturally intuitive so that they already know what a Wu wants without even needing them to express it, because they are not all that great at it.


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