How To Love A 庚 Geng

庚 Gengs…… I like Gengs, they are exceptionally interesting and I have a lot of good Geng friends. While I used to be really afraid of being direct with a Geng in regards to their character, I soon realized that they actually KNOW it. They just hate admitting it to anyone. It’s as painful as stabbing them in the thigh *laughs* They are mighty regal swords after all.

Male Gengs are the embodiment of alpha males and the females are usually the most elegant (and strong) characters I know. All Geng carries charm, charisma and they are surprisingly dramatic. It’s really difficult to not fall back in love with one when you become the person of their choice. They never take no for an answer and will do whatever it takes. That’s when they really become the most charming and sweetest person on earth.

While the females take a bit of their time, the male Geng are VERY hasty which is why almost all of them will idealistically rush into a marriage much earlier in life regardless of how well they know the partner, which unfortunately makes them statistically the one with the highest marriage problems. There are 2 types of Geng: one very easily swept into the whole romance without understanding what they got themselves into. And the other one who only believes in starting a family as soon as possible with the earliest available option. This first option may or may not be right for them.

Gengs have one problem, they don’t really think they deserve love. Especially if they’ve been previously burnt. They almost never leave bad relationships because they have this weird belief that they are made for these sort of tough love and that it’s a challenge to take on. So maybe, just maybe, the harder you make their life, the more they ‘enjoy’ it? That’s what the theory says, Ding to shape the Geng but personally, when it comes to relationships, I think the hardest character is always the most emotionally fragile. Which is why for someone so tough and sometimes rough, they are pretty sentimental and take it very badly when their relationships fail.

庚 Geng Metal [combine] 乙 Yi Wood

This alone tells you that there’s only 1 method, that is the SOFT method. Never ever try to openly challenge your Geng Metal sweetheart unless you have a death wish. That is the fastest and most efficient way to ensure a breakup. Geng always falls for the damsel trick even if you’re a male damsel. While I’m not saying all Yi’s are damsels but Yi’s are known for getting what they want in the softest way possible. So while this is a warning to the Geng for knowing your other half before you commit, this is also the most efficient way to get the clueless Geng.

But this article is about loving a Geng, not tricking a Geng.

Long story short, there are no big tricks, my personal opinion is to love them with all your might, unconditionally. There’s this weird thing (which they will never admit) that when you love and believe in them so much they actually perform way above their own capabilities. How you express this love though takes a bit of skill as well. You have to make them feel challenged, motivated yet in the softest way possible… not all that easy eh?

They really love to talk, they are usually the loudest and life in all parties so it helps that you are their most reliable sounding board. Unfortunately it only works one way because they aren’t good listeners in return.

They are naturally attracted to someone attractive, gentle, charming and most importantly someone pretty flexible with just about anything (meaning someone who give in a lot). They also want someone who is dependent on them that they can provide for, making all the external battles they face on a daily basis all worthwhile. Admire them, appreciate them and be the one they can turn to to nurse their battle wounds.

As a Geng told me while I wrote this longgg article, the answer only lies in 3 words, “Just Give In” *laughs*


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