How To Love A 壬 Ren

Okay, this I can’t write too long because 壬 Rens are really practical. They don’t have that much patience either, all water people have no patience. While the Ocean may look still but underwater activity never stops.

So the keyword to loving a Ren, is be Practical. What do you want/need. Cut to the chase. Chop chop. If they want you, they get you. End of story. So if you’re into dreamy fairytales then Ren may not be for you. If you love Korean dramas the Ren is most likely not for you too. Even hand holding sometimes seems too much to ask from them. But don’t let this calm demeanor fool you. They ARE emotional. Like I just mentioned underwater activity never stops so they have a vast, wide, deep set of emotions right down to the abyss that may never see the light of day. You’ll probably only get to know 20% of your beloved Ren in one lifetime.

They have so much feelings that even they themselves fear the depths of it, so they mostly pretend they have none. They disguise this with practical jokes, sarcasm and actually they make really great and witty conversationalists. But when it comes to their loved ones, they just don’t deal well with those feelings nor have any idea how to express them efficiently. They are absolutely caring and big hearted, so big that they don’t know what to do with it sometimes. So don’t get overly mushy with them, they can’t deal with it. Don’t get too clingy or pry too much into the depths of their ocean either, they get really uncomfortable. All water people need their space and their privacy. You don’t want to cause a tsunami do you?

壬 Ren Water [combine] 丁 Ding Fire

Ren are naturally attracted to the gentle, soft-spoken and elegant. Someone who is rather sacrificial and tireless, most importantly create the warmth that the cold Ren so craves for. Be inspiring as well, Ren admires someone like that. Ren also secretly loves to be noticed and have someone who sees their true worth. They tend to hide all their great wisdom until someone decides to shine a ‘light’ on it. Having a burning light keeps the Ren focused as well. Water moves absolutely everywhere if not given a focus point or a driving force. If left alone they just wander aimlessly as the wind blows and tide changes.


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