How To Love A 辛 Xin

辛 Xin metals are fine jewelry, exquisite show pieces that is admired around the world. Now Xins are way more than just show pieces. While they always make an effort to look exquisite they are also more than capable to take over the world in their stiletto heels/Armani suits.

Their fine taste and attention to details actually ensures that they always give their best, demand the best and they are some sort of a perfectionist in whatever they deliver.

You will always notice a Xin the moment they enter the room. Xin loves to look good. Everything around them has to look good and that includes you. While you need not look like Chris Evans or Scarlett Johansson, you do need to look somewhat presentable and well dressed. They secretly love to be adored, pampered, wined and dined and also love to wine and dine their loved ones in return. They are generous like that. They are also usually social creatures, well travelled, well spoken, well informed, something to give them that little edge over others and they have a flair of doing it in style. But they get really upset once they are ignored or outshined so they would usually do all it takes to put them back in the scene.

辛 Xin Metal [combine] 丙 Bing Fire

For someone so exquisite they are actually attracted to the stable Bing. I think it’s because one loves to share their worldly stories and one loves to listen. One commands, one comply. One loves beauty, one IS beauty. Not only Bing admires beauty they have a knack of consistently bringing the best out of their beloved which makes a Xin shine even brighter. But don’t make them work too hard though as they are really not great in stress management.

Be someone dependable, someone always there when they need you. The overused phrase would be to ‘let them shine’, you’d assume all they ever crave for is attention when actually what they truly crave for is someone who constantly makes them better and to always be there for them regardless of anything. With such support they can achieve anything! ❤


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