How To Love A 己 Ji

The first thing you’d notice about a 己 Ji is how soft spoken they are. Just like Mother Earth, Ji is nurturing and wired with the intention of wanting to grow things. That not only makes them very hands on but extremely resourceful as well.

They are most likely to feed or pick up stray animals, support all causes and when strong enough they end up being advocates for human/animal rights. I have a Ji friend who went round his entire neighborhood just to tear down illegal and illicit signage and hand delivered them together with a letter to Seputeh’s MP (Member of Parliament). So yea… don’t you just love a Ji Earth ♥.

But when it comes to love, they are a little reserved and shy. Unless they have a healthy 7 Killings, they rather quietly sit by the sidelines staring at their crush. Even when dating them, they are not that easy to figure out. There are at least 3 layers of earth’s soil. You have to be digging really deep to get to each layer unless it’s fortunately clashed out. They bury a LOT of feelings and are not very willing to share what is truly bothering them. They see it as being bothersome to others. But they do get passive aggressive that people don’t understand them enough without realising that they are not helping the situation too. Occasionally, they can have a bit of a tantrum too from all that bottling up.

But if you’ve noticed, there are also all sorts of soil and not all soil can grow, especially when there is no water in the vicinity. So their surrounding environment is crucial for their self worth. Which is why I have Ji friends from 2 extreme ends of the spectrum. They must stick with the right people in order create ‘value’. In a different perspective they need to stick with people who actually appreciate their value instead of exploiting it.

己 Ji Earth [combine] 甲 Jia Wood

Ji spouses are the most caring and nurturing of all. So be dependable, be proactive. Be strong and be the pillar in their life. They will do all they can to grow you so all they ask for in return is to see you grow well to support them in return. But the one thing that they really crave for is for someone to understand them without them needing to say it out loud, and the only element whose roots reach deep enough into the earth to unveil their characteristics is the Jia.

Ji, male or female, wants to feel safe and protected as their one biggest fear is being used. Someone straight forward, dignified and trustworthy ranks top on their list. The weird finding I got from my Ji male friends is that they like their ladies tall, or at least with long well defined legs. It’s very Jia as well.

While Miss Ji is more than happy to play contented housemaker supporting their husband in all endeavors, Mr. Ji feels very strongly about being the tireless provider of the house, financially and being Mr. Fix it most of the time. Both equally love their homes and will do whatever it takes to provide for it and create a safe haven.


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