How To Love A 丁 Ding

丁 Dings always carries this really beautiful imagery as most of them are in person. Every Ding carries a light in their soul and when truly at their best they bring out the warmth and the fire out of everyone’s lives they touch. They tend to burn themselves for others. This is one of their gifts.

A bit like the 癸 Gui, the Ding is also easily affected by all its surroundings. Dings are candlelights, burning flames and needs to feed on something. The slightest wind easily blows it out and whatever it is burning on not only has a limit but will determine how bright their fire burns.

So Resource (or Mother) becomes the most important thing for the Ding. So the ultimate key to loving a Ding, is to also love their Mother. If you say your Ding doesn’t have a great relationship with their own mother, then you have to find a way to bridge it.

If that is not an option, then you have to stand in as their resource. Nurture them, pamper them, provide for them enough to ensure their fire never extinguishes. Cos the moment that happens, Ding turns very cranky, emotional and becomes quite unmanageable until their needs are fulfilled again.

Ding also develops some sort of trust issues and can sometimes create mountains out of molehills. So be someone trustworthy and don’t break your promises.

丁 Ding Fire [combine] 壬 Ren Water

Okay while image wise it doesn’t really make sense that the Ocean can start a Fire but metaphorically there’s nothing more resourceful, vast, deep and stronger than the Ocean. Ding naturally craves for someone protective, wise and decisive because as fragile as they are, they are pretty factual and can only accept input that is logically proven, well structured and fast, which is Ren’s exceptional quality. Someone wiser could also mean someone much older (even mentally older will do) whom they absolutely look up to and to soothe their raging soul.


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