How To Love A 乙 Yi

It really took me awhile to figure out how to word this, so I left it last. It doesn’t help that 乙 Yi is linked with negative connotation these days and very much synonymous with our Malaysian top politicians, pre and post elections…. and their wonderful spouses 🙂

The moment you meet a Yi you’d quickly realise that they are really charming and likable, at the very least interesting enough to pay attention to. So it’s not that difficult to fall for their charms. Which is why they make splendid networkers, speakers, socialites and politicians.

Yi has always been labelled manipulative and cunning, don’t get me wrong the unhealthy ones really are. But if we were to really compare, the Xin is not too far off either. But the one thing Yi wins over the Xin is that they actually care because they have one thing the Xin doesn’t, attachment.

It’s having these attachments that they latch on to things, in fact anything. Because they are soft plants, vines, beautiful flowers. They are in dire need for support because they don’t grow far on their own. If you have a Yi loved one regardless of gender, you’d realise how much they actually need encouragement to grow. So be their cheerleader. Better still be their support so that they can climb higher.

When in love (or even in friendship) they take care of their loved ones and will always stay in touch. They form a very strong bond to those they love and care about, this actually makes or breaks them. Because if and when any relationship comes to an end, they are unable to move on for a very long time. Unable to cut the roots, so to speak. In another perspective this sort of attachment is what makes them life long friends to begin with.

That being said, I also conclude that Yi are most realistic, everything with them should ideally be a win-win situation to ensure their long term survival. While they don’t hide this trait, their soft and yielding nature makes it difficult for others to expect it from them, hence the label. I believe they themselves get pretty upset with this. You won’t like an upset Yi, their passive anger becomes a powerful and vengeful weapon, you won’t even know what (or who) hit you.

Yi are naturally very generous and giving but it comes with some sort of expectation. But since we’re being truly realistic, doesn’t everyone, regardless of day master, expect somewhat the same? Even the most giving Bing gets upset when not thanked or the nurturing Ji gets passive aggressive. Most Yi goes into a relationship like a mutual partnership. See it as a win-win situation and they always make great buddies and partners. Because they are more than willing to give you all you want as long as you keep up your end of the bargain.

乙 Yi Wood [combine] Geng Metal

Yi are master strategists. No one has more bright ideas than them but they can’t carry it out so they need their beloved Geng who is the master of execution. Behind every general lies a mastermind so be someone strong, firm, and action oriented and this is where Yi are most powerful: giving in to the mighty Geng so that the mighty Geng will give in to them. Emotional mastery at it’s highest form which is too much to take in for most but it works for this pair and actually pleases the Yi. But they can get so caught up in this they need to know when to stop.

For someone overly yielding and flexible, they crave for someone to give them direction or a sense of purpose. Yi knows they can get away with (almost) everything so they also secretly crave for someone to occasionally control them, at least remind them of not going overboard which they can’t do on their own. All plants need pruning. Once they have that, they grow into the most beautiful (and influential) garden that commands people far and wide to admire and support.


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