How To Manifest Like a Pro

Qi Men Dun Jia is one awesome subject, especially for those with tricky birth charts where you get stuck at selecting activation dates or there’s just no ‘right luck pillars’ or it’s too far a wait. You will see the most life transformation happen using Qi Men because if you have a life you feel you have limited control over, you are now given the remote control.

Personally, it made me grasp the concept of how energy or Qi works and gave me better understanding to how this is the core to everything in metaphysics, in Qigong, in Reiki, in Akashic Records, soul/sound healing, in water molecules, in life. Everything in life is just a matter of how you respond to energy. Manage the energy patterns around you and you will better manage your life.

In layman terms, Qi Men is an energy map that changes every 2 hours based on planetary movement/alignment of the stars and mother earth. When you look at energy, always look at it as fluid as the air you breathe. If you’ve seen an Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), you’ll get what I mean. There is no instant on or off switch, there is no clearcut color separation. Just a matter of how everything flows together at any given hour.

*Photo taken from my ex-colleagues, Henrick Lim

The last component we are going to make use of, is Man (or WoMan if you please). You. This is why metaphysics is never set in stone. The key ingredient needed to truly live out your destiny, is YOU.

So ok, we know Qimen is great, HOW do we use it?

First things first, I have to tweak your belief system. While you are not required to believe entirely, you do need to be OPEN to all possibilities no matter how impossible it sounds. I’ve been there. IT Consultants are all logical thinking skeptics *grin*. I think it’s not too much to ask and something everyone can agree to do for now. Just be OPEN. Okay?

So assuming you’re given a fantastic configuration and its direction, in this example, back face East:

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 3.22.38 PM.png

There are plenty of formations that one can use for multiple reasons which is extensively covered in Qimen Strategic Execution course, this is only 1 of them.

There are 2 known manifestation methods and you can choose the one that fits you better; Passive and/or Active.

  1. Passive Manifestation. The thing about Passive manifestation is that it’s more comfortable (and easy) for those with prior meditation knowledge and you understand the concept of being in Alpha State, the state of Nothingness. It can range from seeing/feeling a lot of things to just feeling very relaxed. Sit with your back facing awesome direction, tap into the energy using whatever practice you are familiar with, and ask. You’ll most likely know when you are in the right spot. When you’re done, always say thank you and if you’re using Chief, try to end it by saying your friend’s wishes comes true too.
  2. Active Manifestation. Not everyone is comfortable with the passive method and not everyone can count 64 backwards without a hitch. So if you can’t there’s no need to force it. The best manifestation ever is to go out and make it happen. Travel towards awesome direction, set your appointment, make your important phone call/send your emails with back facing awesome direction, have your interview back facing awesome direction and then wait.

If you want to use whatever is in your own Destiny chart instead, you don’t have to be too anal with the directions. You are the Aurora remember, the entire spectrum runs within you. Just call out to the specific Deity before you ask and you’re all set.

Next I need to set your expectation.

  1. It may or may not happen overnight. Some people are better at it than others because of their trained belief system. So be patient. The bigger and more detailed your wish is, the longer the wait. Some big ridiculous wish I manifested actually took 6 months.
  2. Things may or may not appear so obviously. Like if you asked for money. Instead of striking the lottery (why does everyone try to wish this??) you may instead be approached or given great financial advise by someone you bumped into while going to the Magnum 4D shop. Stay OPEN to the signs.
  3. Lastly, as Spiderman says, “With great power comes great responsibility“. Energy is not above the law of physics. It’s Yin and Yang, it’s cyclical, hence you always have to find ways to keep the good energy going by paying it forward/some reciprocal effort on your part. Do not wish for the fun of it and then reject/mock it when it appears. Cos if you wish with bad intention, bad shall be returned in some way. If you wish good, good is also returned. As easy as that. Respect Energy and use this gift responsibly.

Awesome. Now you’re a Pro! Happy Manifesting! ♥

25 thoughts on “How To Manifest Like a Pro

  1. Hello, thank you for another great post! I really enjoy reading them.

    Once in safe mode is there a specific method to make a wish?
    Also, do we ask the specific hour deity or do we ask own?
    Can I make multiple wishes? 🙂

    I’ve tried manifesting before but I wasn’t able to see any results, yet. However, my bf tried and it worked really well for him. I’m hoping it will for me too.


    • H Katie! Once you’re in sage mode you can actually just use your mind to “wish” for something, if if helps you can also say it out loud. Ask hour deity for faster results, your own, yearly or monthly for some that takes more time. If you didn’t get your results, maybe you subconciously doubt it in some way, i suggest you try with the little things first, then try and ask the big ones again.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great sharing. Especially the part on being sceptical as someone’s been trained since young to have a scientific mind. 🙂 I fullheartedly agree with tweaking the belief system in order to manifest with success.


  3. Hi Mindy, I enjoy your writings and looking forward to more visits to your site. For Manifestations, it would seem like different people uses different charts for backing a deity. Some use QiMen Destiny Natal direction. Some uses Annual/Monthly/Daily/Hour charts for direction guidance.
    1. What would you recommend ?
    2. Do we “chase” the levels of the deity say Destiny Natal deity is Nine Heavens, we look through the Annual/Monthly/Daily/Hourly chart and look for Level 7 Nine Heavens to perform the asking ?


    • Hi Philip. The thing about Qimen is that it’s very tied to affinity and also what you’re trying to achieve. Hour charts are supposedly faster than annual charts. Overlapping charts (destiny, month, day) are also stronger when you align to the divine light, divine blessing, divine force structures.

      Personally I pay more attention to the special structures as outlined in Strategic execution.

      But if you are confused, always follow your gut. The chart that you got your hands on is usually the chart to use. Don’t doubt it.


      • Thanks Mindy ! I will follow my gut feel and intuition to find my own sweet spot. By the way, I really like your blog and the information that you shared. This morning I “lifted” your web-link and directed 2 BaZi Peers in the FB to find the answers to their queries relating to Self Punishment. You are doing a good job. I will be following you . Best Regards


  4. Hi Mindy, you mentioned about tring this “end it by saying your friend’s wishes comes true too” when using chief, is there any reason behind this? Nature of chief?


    • Hi yaofong, the reason I say this is because Chief is the deity that fulfills wishes for others. Especially if you are chief, ultimately you need to use your gift to fulfill other people’s wishes. Hence I say end it by saying your friend’s wishes will come true, win-win 🙂


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  15. Hi Mindy, about active manifestation, my deity is chief, can I use the direction to do learning, picking up new skills and so on related to self improvement?


  16. Hi Mindy, how are you?
    My awesome direction according to qimen chart is east, but according to 8mansion west is a bad direction for me.
    So now if i want to set an appointment or make a phone call, my back face the awesome east , but my face is facing the bad west. So can you clarify this for me? Is it the two systems clashing with each other? Which direction should i face?

    Confused beginner of all trades.


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