When Your Brain Is On Strike

I suddenly developed a mental block so while I was forcing myself to churn something out and couldn’t, I thought why don’t I just write about… having a mental block?

Whenever you can’t think, more often than not, it involves your Hour pillar as the Hour pillar represents your thoughts, your thinking pattern, things that you are in charge of… which is your mind. See, even the whole Bazi pillar is set up in a way to tell you that you are in charge of your thoughts and not the other way round 🙂

Alternatively, we must first identify the actual problem in order to get a diagnosis. Is the mental block related to:

  1. Lack of inspiration?
  2. Lack of content?
  3. Unable to produce/create anything?
  4. Lack of focus?
  5. Depression?
  6. Brain just not functioning?

There definitely is at least one negative interaction of the above happening at a particular time. What is negative solely depends on the individual chart, even a combination can be negative.

Lack of Inspiration.

This is usually a Fire problem. Either no fire or too much fire element at that point in time can both wipe out your drive, your inspiration for awhile.

Lack of Content.

Lack of content would be a resource (DR/IR) issue. Maybe you want to write something but lack the knowledge for it? Or at that point in time lack the methods to obtain these information. Fluctuating Resource can also mean that your thoughts are unstable and erratic.

Unable to create/produce anything.

This is an output (EG/HO) issue. Either too much, too little or any negative interactions is enough to put all your great ideas to a halt. It can also mean that you’re tinkering with your idea for too long.

Lack of Focus

Lack of focus is usually an Influence (DO/7K) problem. Either you lack discipline in carrying out what you’re supposed to do or constantly flip flopping your ideas, which shows your inability to focus on the task at hand at that point in time.

Temporary Depression.

One of the biggest contributor to this is having a Fu Yin come in, especially when it’s interacting with the hour pillar (there are many additional factors as well like when involving fire or earth elements)

I think it’s very very normal for anyone to go through a downtime at any point of their lives and should not be overly alarmed over it. Sometimes we need downtime to regroup, rethink and re-strategize. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

6. Brain refuse to function?

This is when you’re not depressed, everything else is okay but your brain just refuses to get up from sleep. This usually happens when there is some sort of negative interaction with your Hour pillar. It can range from Destructions, Punishments, Harms, Fan Yin and even negative combinations, like combining an unfavorable Death and Emptiness (DE) into your Hour pillar. It worsen if your hour pillar happens to be your Resource, Output or Influence.

How to Mitigate?

If you are into Feng Shui, you can check/clear the corresponding directions or flying star sectors that is related to the above issue. Most likely a 1, 4, 6.

If you prefer to use Qimen or can’t use Feng Shui, 9 Heavens is a great deity to use, together with a Life or Open door. Moon in a good door is also fantastic for amassing knowledge. White Tiger is great for execution, energy and strength.


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