How To Train Your Chief

I am: Chief.

When your Guardian of Destiny is a Chief, you are independent, righteous and naturally possess a kind heart. Whether you show it or not is another matter but deep down you already have a sense of right and wrong and won’t veer far from rules and ethics.

Training Your Chief.

Chief has the ability to manifest wishes and whatever is in your mind comes true. This acts as a double edge sword because if you think negative, negative appears and when left unchecked becomes an infinite downward spiral. So you need to know how to control your own thoughts and to break out of negative thinking patterns.

Chief deity is meant to serve. The more you serve others, the more powerful you become. Serving here means you will have no qualms about going out of your way to help and assist someone else. You can start by using it for yourself but ultimately your gift is meant to help others. Which is why when you’re manifesting with Chief, always end it by wishing that your friend’s wishes comes true too.

Chief naturally has a protection bubble around them. They are naturally protected from evil spirits, malicious doings and any sort of black magic. Protected doesn’t mean you can’t see/feel it but you are still protected in your own bubble staring out at entities that can’t harm you. They are probably just confused with your bright white light.

Not only the spirits can’t reach you, you also have the ability to clear energy, dispel negativity and promote a sense of healing, either in the environment or directly to someone else.

Meditation or energy healing is something the Chief can incorporate into your lifestyle to promote a healthier sense of wellbeing. A Chief is only as good as your own mind. So you have to do whatever it takes to ensure your own wellbeing, your own energy is at an optimum state.

Using the Chief

You can read up on Manifestation techniques here.

Technically you can ask the Chief for anything positive but here are some example Commands for the Chief:

  • “Chief, grant me (promotion, new role, investment opportunities, good relationship, (so on and so forth)”
  • “Chief, guide me to better myself and show me how to serve others”
  • “Chief, heal/cleanse me from all my pain and sorrow”
  • “Chief, remove all negative energy from area X”
  • “Chief, make my friend’s and family’s wishes come true to the best of their wellbeing”

7 thoughts on “How To Train Your Chief

  1. Hello Mindy, thanks for another great post.

    Can you please tell me a little about the star levels. For example, my brother is a level 7 Chief and my boyfriend is a level 4 Chief. What are the differences between their levels since both are Chiefs? Is one more stronger than the other? Thanks!


  2. Hi Katie, I would use the word ‘Dominant’. A level 7 Chief would carry stronger Chief traits. For the level 4, there would be something else that is a level 7. So for your boyfriend there will be another Deity that he carries more of its traits apart from the Chief. If you studied Bazi, it’s like being a weaker Jia wood but carrying heavy Bing fire traits. Ultimately still a Jia wood.


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