How To Train Your Surging Snake

I am: Surging Snake

All Surging Snakes have a cool mysterious charm. Like a dark superhero complex always looking like the weight of the world lies on their shoulders. This is most likely because they are naturally sensitive to energy, be it the energy of their environment or the people around them. If you have a very strong Surging Snake, you are most likely an Empath. If unchecked, you take on and emulate the feelings and personalities of everyone around you. But with the Surging Snake in place, you have the ability to control or change the energy around you. All Surging Snakes are extremely street smart. They always know how to get what they want with whatever methods necessary.

Training the Surging Snake

The first thing every Surging Snake should master is the art of looking for a parking spot 🙂 Even if the entire parking lot is full, a good Surging Snake should not only be able to make someone miraculously leave but wave at you to take their lot as well!

Surging Snakes are the masters of energy, which makes them absolutely great in “feeling out” the perfect property with good landforms and good environment. Technically they are great in sourcing for almost anything, because of this in-built ‘radar’ to sniff out what is potentially good and what is potentially bad. They can even sniff out the weather.

They are also sensitive to the energy and feelings of those around them which makes you feel like they can read your thoughts and understand you easily. But because of the nature of the Surging Snake (unless they have a strong Chief or 9 Earth in place) they tend to use this ability for their own benefit, making them seem somewhat cunning and manipulative.

For those who can’t control their abilities, they tend to take on everyone’s mood, everyone’s feelings and when not aware of this, their own feelings fluctuates greatly with their surrounding and this restlessness can lead to some form of addiction like smoking, drinking, gambling, even being overly reliant on superstition/religious/occult activities, etc. A good Surging Snake should always learn to differentiate and ultimately redirect energy because their job is to control energy, not the other way round. So control, discipline and focus becomes something they can also work on.

Surging Snakes should try to pick up anything that teaches you how to differentiate and move energy, like Qigong, Reiki, Alchemy. Surging Snakes should definitely pick up Feng Shui too as they have an inborn talent in identifying landforms, finding fantastic properties and ultimately a master in manipulating its value.

Using the Surging Snake

You can read up on Manifestation techniques here.

Example Commands for the Surging Snake:

  • “Surging Snake, someone will miraculously come out of their parking lot for me”
  • “Surging Snake, find me the best property that I can afford”
  • “Surging Snake, I lost my keys (can be anything else), find it for me”
  • “Surging Snake, the entire room (or the interviewer or future Mother-in-Law) will pay attention to what I’m saying and will think that I’m awesome”
  • “Surging Snake, the entire room will be filled with positivity and everyone will be upbeat.
  • “Surging Snake, please hold the rain until I get to my car”

11 thoughts on “How To Train Your Surging Snake

  1. Thank you ms mandy for enlightening us in what the surging snake people can do more but i may have to ask this question what if the surging snake has a level zero could this person still maximise the power of the surging snake


      • Hi Mindy thank you for your article.
        If we command surging snake to look for a carpark, do we not need to be in a sage mode so we can communicate with surging snake? IF so, it’s not practical while driving. Do I miss something?
        Also how do we see the deity with highest level in our chart?
        Thanks, Lis


      • Hi Lis, you can just stop the car for 30seconds to manifest once and continue, but like I’ve said before some people get into sage mode a lot faster than others. For level look at the stars, 7 is the highest.


  2. Hi Mindy,

    My guardian deity is chief, but can I command surging snake if I need to looking for carpark instead of my own deity? Pls advise, thank u


  3. Thanks Mindy. Re looking for a carpark, do we have to find a spot where the back is facing the right direction and manifest the thought? To look for a direction, we use the compass in our phone?
    “Normally if you have a zero you are advised to use the one with highest level.” As you said, that means there is another deity. How do find it in our chart?


  4. Hi Lis, If you are born with Snake, you don’t need any specific directions to use it. Just speak to it as you drive or stop for that 2 seconds. Even at 0, you will still have a stronger affinity with your own Deity. But when you want to use it for manifestation, yes the higher one will be faster and stronger. Look for the one with the 7 star in your own Destiny Chart


  5. Hi…if we want to use other deities in our chart, we back facing that deity direction in the chart? For example, my guarding is snake with sage path direction north…but I want to use Chief which is higher level and it is in SE box in the chart….so we back facing SE if want to manifest using Chief deity, right?


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