How To Train Your Red Phoenix

I am: Red Phoenix.

There’s something about the name that already sounds so majestic and cool 🙂 The whole inspiring story about Phoenix rising from the ashes. Or that it’s the most powerful X-Men (and a female, mind you).

So in Qi Men, Phoenix works a little differently from X-Men but in my opinion still one of the most powerful deity, as there are only 3 miracle manifesting Deities, the Chief and 9 Heavens, who summons and visualizes anything into existence. The third is the Phoenix who speaks everything into existence. So whatever you say comes true! Hah!

Phoenix in Qi Men governs the power of speech. They may or may not be talkative but they do love a good conversation, like a debate or a good exchange of opinion. Depending on your perspective on this matter, the person may seem witty and articulate or argumentative and vile in speech. Most Phoenix, if left untrained, tend to have nothing nice to say.

Training your Phoenix

If you haven’t noticed, not everyone has the Phoenix in their destiny chart. This is because the Phoenix, together with buddy Grappling Hook, replaces the Black Tortoise and White Tiger for half a year. So you need to wait for the Phoenix to appear in the day/hour charts in order to use them. That would be around the end of November up to June. The rest of you can use the one in your own destiny chart.

Phoenix must learn the art of articulation because they are already a natural in speech delivery. Because they enjoy debating so much, they are quite intelligent to begin with. If you’re not, you have to make sure you are. At their very best they are extremely persuasive, witty, energetic and commands a huge presence. At their worst, they are also extremely good at using this to argue, gossip, spread rumors and speak ill of others. Choose your Phoenix wisely. Your words can kill or your words can build.

That being said, the next thing a Phoenix needs to learn is the art of self control. Although it works absolutely best when you’re angry you need to understand the repercussion of your own words. Like cursing a crazy driver who cuts into your lane because whatever comes out of your mouth comes true. They may deserve it but you are solely responsible for the “curse” and malicious energy you set on another human being. It will come back in some other form so you might as well just let the universe handle those petty things.

Have you seen those old ladies under a bridge in Hong Kong hitting photos or some object with slippers while apparently cursing your petty people? I think it’s called Villain Beating or 打小人. She’s very likely a strong Red Phoenix. Don’t do it. Don’t go down that road, Phoenix should be classier than that. Be the majestic X-Men, not the roadside roast goose.

Because it actually takes the same amount of effort to use your words for the nice things. Like speaking what you want into existence, speaking what your loved ones need into existence, helping others, spreading messages, spreading love, spreading encouragement because only the Phoenix has this sort of gift in gab and the sort of influence to make things follow through.

Using the Red Phoenix

You can read up on Manifestation techniques here.

Example Commands for the Phoenix:

The difference here is you don’t even need to call out to the Phoenix because all you need to do is form any sentence and it verbally comes out of your mouth.

  • “I will strike the lottery” (Hahahaha!! you can TRY this but don’t blame me if it doesn’t happen okay)
  • “I will have more patience, a better person (or anything else you want to add in)”.
  • “I (or person X if you’re wishing for others) will get the job promotion/opportunity”

I think you get the gist of it. You can form your own commands responsibly.


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