How To Train Your 6 Harmony


I am: 6 Harmony

The moment you meet a 6 Harmony they are usually very amiable, pleasant and enjoy striking up a conversation. They just seem to know anyone and everyone and how they meet these people really baffles you. Most 6 Harmony have multiple cliques and all sorts of friends, all that they can relate to on every level. 6 Harmony are always in charge of all things love, relationships and communication. On an healthy level they are cheerful, flexible and calm. On an unhealthy level, they tend to have multiple personalities and lack of self identity.

Training Your 6 Harmony

All 6 Harmony should love to network as they should be making friends very easily. They are always called to be the mediator or the middleman as they have a knack of bridging everyone together in an amicable way. Even in a tense situation, they are the best at bringing everyone together for a greater cause, bringing every conflict to a halt by coming up with a win-win solution.

6 Harmony naturally has an affinity with meeting with really beneficial people, people of stature, people of a similar cause and then bringing them together. So they make really good networkers. They just miraculously know where to find these people. So you should always be out and about meeting new people.

If you ever need help, need assistance, you can always summon the 6 Harmony to find you one.

If you find that you are not fulfilling your role of the ‘peacemaker’ you will find that life will keep putting you in uncomfortable situations until you decide to take on the role.

As you govern love and affinity, you should learn how to spread love by being cupid to your friends. You somehow know how to bring two people who are right for each other together and they will be very thankful to you for it ♥

Using the 6 Harmony

You can read up on Manifestation techniques here.

Example Commands for the Harmony:

  • “Harmony, find me the best investor for my business expansion”
  • “Harmony, find me the best people for my business”
  • “Harmony, find me X,Y,Z criteria kind of candidate/mentor”
  • “Harmony, keep my family harmonious, peaceful and happy”
  • “Harmony, find me (or your friends) a worthy partner”

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