How To Train Your Black Tortoise

I am: Black Tortoise

The first impression you get from a Tortoise is that they are extremely cheeky. Like Loki in Avengers, mischievous, sneaky, secretive, dangerous, treacherous, yet so convincing with that cheeky endearing smile, you don’t know to hate or root for him.

Loki is probably the poster boy for all Black Tortoise. The master magician, shape shifter, always trying you psyche you to buy their world domination ideas with their boyish /girlish sweet charms. You’d never know what hit you. They tend to always look for shortcuts and can be quite lustful.

Therefore the Black Tortoise is the reputable God of Mind Control. They have the ability to subtly make you believe what they want you to believe, make you do what they want you to do, EXCEPT on the Chief. They have no effect on the Chief, much like Magneto’s helmet *grin*

How to Train Your Black Tortoise

I thought for quite awhile on how to train this, because by nature if you have a strong Tortoise, you’d already be shamelessly using it by now. And that can be a pretty dangerous thing to unleash out there. And while I was going through all the keywords it was all so negative that I’m not sure how to articulate *laughs*

So let me try.

Black Tortoise to start with, are highly sensitive beings. Like the Surging Snake they can feel people, they feel everyone’s emotions and wellbeing, which also makes them empathic. The high level ones can pick up someone’s emotions just by standing next to someone. If not trained, this weakens the Tortoise as they become overwhelmed with everyone’s thoughts and feelings and turn to escapist behaviour. Awareness is one way to protect yourself, some sort of energy training, Reiki, Qigong, energy healing techniques are also good for your own protection.

That being said, a lot of Tortoise are instead drawn to the dark arts, mysticism, superstition or some occult. Without judging, that is your choice as long as you understand the movement of energy and the repercussions of all actions.

Tortoises are blessed with the gift of persuasion and are very adaptable to all situations. While this makes them somewhat manipulative and scheming, they have a knack for using very ingenious or unconventional methods to achieve a particular result. It also makes them great problem solvers and unconventional thinkers. If you’re not, then you need to be. Always be articulate and learn as much as you can. Psychology is a good topic for you to pick up.

They are also the masters of the popular technique “Fake it till you make it”. While it may or may not make them seem fraudulent, they are extremely good at promoting or showcasing an impressive outcome while actually still working on it behind the scenes. Fantastic if you’re in the advertising or marketing scene.

I would think the best Tortoise are the ones who uses this sort of power of influence to, since it’s very closely related to the Phoenix, spread messages, spreading encouragement, spread life force, spread positive movement because only the Tortoise has the power to command an entire room to sit down and listen with anticipation. I think every Tortoise can go both ways and constantly sway in between. Which way you choose to go is ultimately up to you as long as you do remember the repercussion of your actions. You’re blessed with the power of immense influence and you decide how you want to use it.

Because as mentioned in my relationship webinar, you can’t keep Tortois-ing a loved one every single day expecting them to love you forever. In certain matters, even the force of your Tortoise cannot compare to the principles of free will, of affinity, of yin and yang, maybe that is why it only appears for half a year. So while you can use it to attract someone who you think is out of your league initially (or to open doors), you need pure substance to actually form a lasting relationship.

Using the Black Tortoise

You can read up on Manifestation techniques here.

Example Commands for the Black Tortoise:

  • “Black Tortoise, make me (or someone else) a better person and remove all negative thoughts from my mind”
  • “Black Tortoise, make me quit smoking”
  • “Black Tortoise,, the entire room (or the interviewer or future Mother-in-Law) will pay attention to what I’m saying and will think that I’m awesome”
  • “Black Tortoise,, the entire room will be filled with positivity and everyone will be upbeat.

You can use your own creativity and extend them to your own needs 🙂


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