How To Train Your 9 Earth


I am: 9 Earth

The first thing you notice about a 9 Earth is that they are really patient and compassionate to boot. They are usually more soft spoken, poised, humble, warm hearted and they carry an air of matriarchal/ patriarchal wisdom that makes anyone feel safe around them.

People with 9 Earth are also blessed with financial mastery. They know how to manage their finances well and has an affinity with great financial opportunities, including a good eye for property and land.

There are plenty of scientific studies done online where it claims ‘earning more means caring less’, or the richer you are the less compassionate you become, and yet the 9 Earth is the exceptional who manages to strike a healthy balance.

Training Your 9 Earth

The first thing you need to have is financial mastery. A good 9 Earth is one who knows how to amass wealth and then keep attracting it. Cos the funny thing is that most 9 Earths I know actually went through certain sort of training, either from life experience or from picking up the subject before they can really make use of their 9 Earth to it’s full potential. Money didn’t just fall from the sky onto their lap.

Because 9 Earths can be a bit too hesitant. Sometimes they can be overly passive and defensive as well. On an unhealthy side, they can be the total opposite: selfish, doubtful, miserly, scheming and confused which is quite understandable for someone gives a lot but ends up being used. But if they stick to this defensive mindset, they in turn end up attracting something else. Sometimes they can be a bit stubborn as well, so it helps to loosen up a little.

Even though they attract financial abundance, the ultimate fulfillment of a 9 Earth is actually giving back. Most of them end up as healers of some sort, at they very least they spend a lot of time and effort in charitable organizations. They are the ultimate genuine givers and here’s a universal secret: when you genuinely want to do something to help the universe, the universe will make sure it backs you up as well. The universe is awesome like that ♥

Using the 9 Earth:

You can read up on Manifestation techniques here.

Someone requested that I add in some key commands to manifest, in case they are not sure of what to ask for:

  • “9 Earth, show me how to increase my income by 20% by this year”
  • “9 Earth, please show me the way to financial mastery/freedom”
  • “9 Earth (or Surging Snake), guide me to the best property I can get my hands on”
  • “9 Earth, find me someone who will fund my next project (or find me an trustworthy investor)”
  • “9 Earth, guide me to financial freedom so I can use my time for charity/healing/etc”

9 thoughts on “How To Train Your 9 Earth

  1. Mindy, I’m confused. I am Nine Earth, but patience is definitely not in my dictionary. My 5month old made me realise I’m Super impatient.
    How can I better embrace the positive traits of Nine Earth?


    • Hi Kyla, you’re probably a 1-2star 9 Earth, which will lean more to the negative traits. So you can consciously lean back to the positive by cultivating more patience and maybe pick up some sort of calming activity like yoga or meditation


  2. Hi Mindy, thanks for the generous sharing. Would you please provide key phrases for all the other deities as well? Many thanks in advance.


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