How To Train Your White Tiger


I am: White Tiger

White Tiger governs everything and anything about physical energy, willpower and strength. Almost all White Tigers enjoy some sort of sporting/physical work out activity because they have tireless stamina. You’ll probably encounter 2 very different types of White Tigers as I have. The one that is really active, love sports, eats well, well articulated and honorable. And the other that is lazy, unhealthy, overly aggressive/rebellious, easy to anger and enjoys creating unnecessary fights. The really bad ones have no problem inflicting physical or emotional pain on others just as they have no problem taking on a lot of pain themselves.

But one thing’s for sure: All Tigers carry a sense of righteousness, they will fearlessly stand up for what they think is right and not back down without a fight. This trait is very admirable or can be considered as stubborn, depending how you want to look at it.

Training your White Tiger

A White Tiger is meant to be strong, fearless and they carry a respectable aura that should cast a bit of fear. So if you’re going to roar, you better roar with substance. Every Tiger should try to be as knowledgeable as possible, at least in the matters that are important to them. This enables them to fight for genuine causes instead of following the sentiments of others without understanding why.

A White Tiger in it’s highest form is able to brighten up an entire room or change the entire energy to motivate others. This makes them fantastic trainers, fitness instructors and motivational coaches. Aggressively pushing someone to their limits while inflicting pain, haha. In which would mean that the Tiger have to first push themselves to their own limits, to be extremely (mentally and physically) fit themselves, in order to train someone else. In it’s lowest form, they can also darken an entire room and demotivate everyone. You choose.

Most Tigers I know are marathon runners, martial artist (at least some sort of active sportsmen/dancers) and they really excel it in. It allows them to further train up their stamina, persistence level and gives them the discipline they need. Furthermore all Tigers must find a healthy outlet for their excess energy. If they don’t, they end up very restless, very lethargic, very agitated and end up unleashing these pent up energy on big arguments instead.

Using the White Tiger

You can read up on Manifestation techniques here.

Example Commands for the White Tiger:

  • “White Tiger, command me the strength and energy to complete this marathon/competition/last lap with ease”
  • “White Tiger, give me the discipline and willpower to start my fitness regime/lose weight program”
  • “White Tiger, boost up my energy to last the whole day (assuming you are really tired and lack sleep prior to this)”
  • “White Tiger, give me enough commanding presence to collect my 6 months unpaid rent/debts from person X”

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