How To Train Your 9 Heaven


I am: 9 Heaven

The visionary extraordinaire blessed with the gift of foresight. They are able to visualise/foresee something way before it happens. Having a 9 Heaven around you can be a blessing or a curse, depending on your acceptance to shock and their level of happiness. Cos they can just describe something out of the blue and if it’s something good then great, but if they’ve always been negative and it’s something bad, you better start running *Laughs*

Makes you wonder if they’re almost psychic.

Almost all 9 Heaven carries a very courageous, authoritative yet charismatic vibe. They make really good leaders not only with the vision to match but also bold enough to execute it. They always manage to drive a company or even themselves to match the vision they set for themselves. To the point of foreseeing any setback way in advance and tackling it before it even has a chance to appear. Who doesn’t want a leader like that?

Most 9 Heaven end up very successful because of this gift. They are always 1 step ahead and this will forever give them an extra edge over others. But because of these leadership qualities they can also be rather forceful and forthright which may or may not sit well with others.

Training Your 9 Heaven

Since whatever you visualize comes true, you better make sure you find any and every method to keep yourself upbeat so that you only see positive outcomes. The moment you swing to the negative and you continue in that pattern, you’re not going to have a very comfortable life. Like the Chief, do cultivate positive thinking and do not cling on to anything that turns you negative.

9 Heaven is about having faith. Seeing something that is not there while knowing it WILL happen takes a lot of belief and faith, especially when it may or may not happen overnight. This is what ultimately differentiates a good and a not-as-good 9 Heaven. The more faith and belief you have, the much more powerful your 9 Heaven becomes.

Good 9 Heaven are also very sincere, very righteous and they have this thing about needing to take care of the wellbeing of those around them. Not-so-healthy 9 Heaven tend to be very suspicious, totally denouncing spirituality, critical, overly skeptical and because this is how they see life, this is what they will attract into their life. Choose which type of 9 Heaven you want to be and start seeing yourself that way. How you see yourself will ultimately determine your quality of life.

9 Heaven also has an affinity with long distance travels and should always try to travel as much as you can. The more they see, the wider their perspective, the better the Deity.

Using the 9 Heaven

You can read up on Manifestation techniques here.

I have no commands for the 9 Heaven because you need to VISUALISE the outcome you want. For instance, if you want that new job, you have to imagine yourself driving to work, walking up the lobby, to the office main door, passing by the company logo down to your seat and being tremendously happy being there.

If you have a dream car, visualise yourself driving it down to its color and interior finishing. If you have problem visualising, just hang a poster of it on your wall or save it as your phone/laptop wallpaper.

If you lack faith, maybe you can visualise yourself being more spiritual and being more open to certain differing views.

Use your own imagination 🙂

6 thoughts on “How To Train Your 9 Heaven

  1. Hi Mindy, thanks I was waiting for this post.

    I read on Facebook that for Qi Men the hour of birth is required. Unfortunately, for me, I am unsure of my own birth time. I’m either born in the snake hour or horse hour.

    Is there a method to actually determine one’s time of birth through Qi Men or any other method? Thanks!

    (For example, I also read that to determine one’s character you have to look at stars, doors and stems. Perhaps I can use process of elimination to determine mine own hour?)


  2. Hi Mindy, I just came across your article How to train your 9 Heavens, Grappling Hook and white tiger. I am ver new to GMDJ, can you also share with me how I can do so with Great Moon.

    Thank you ver much.


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