How To Train Your Grappling Hook

20181031_152428_0001.pngI am: Grappling Hook

The name itself is enough to scare you because as the outlook suggests it is an aggressive deity. Usually they are really tough and rough around the edges. Each time they open their mouth, they have every intention to start a fight or at least to agitate.

They carry a military yet exploratory mindset to everything they do and will also impose this on those around them. Like their buddy White Tiger, they are full of energy, willpower and can be a force of nature.

But the Grappling Hook has an affinity with the land, which makes them the Guardian of Ancestors.ย They are also really good at asset, land and property management. Trained Grappling Hooks have the ability to access past lives or have retrocognition abilities.

Training your Grappling Hook

Because you have a natural affinity with the land, you should pick up or sharpen your skills in land/asset management. You naturally have the drive to carry out whatever you put your mind on and can be quite successful in this field.

Grappling Hooks end up being really good healers or doctors so you should pick up some conventional or unconventional healing like aryurveda, homeopathy, reiki, qigong, etc, etc. Learning about botanics, herbs and alternative medicine is also something that will enhance your deity.

You can also pick up Past Life Regression or Akashic Records techniques (not too sure how many types are there around), some of access to memories like hypnosis, which you can in turn help others to access into their past, or you access on their behalf.

Grappling Hooks can be prone to inactivity, so you have to consciously put in the effort to utilise your abilities if you want to.

Using Your Grappling Hook

You can read up on Manifestation techniques here.

Example Commands for the Grappling Hook:

  • The thing about Grappling Hook is that you need to go out to pick up these techniques and physically use them. You probably can ask the Hook (or Moon) to guide you to where you can learn this, or gain insights about your ancestors but other than that, there’s not much command you can put in to the Grappling Hook

5 thoughts on “How To Train Your Grappling Hook

  1. I understand…thank you so much, Mindy! I suppose the Chief also can do it, because “have the ability to promote a sense of healing directly to someone else”. Isn’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚


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