Petty People or Nobleman?

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Petty people.

This past month, whenever I meet friends, clients, students, they always ask me about this. Even in last week’s consultation, the client asked ‘How do I stop these petty people?’ I have a very standard answer to this predicament:

  1. You only have petty people when you’re better in some way. Do you not want to be better?
  2. You only have petty people when they want something you have that they don’t. Do you not want it?

Petty people can sprout out of anywhere. There can be so many reasons why one person can unnecessarily dislike another person. I’m sure we all agree, sometimes we are the issue. Like certain annoying character flaws or the way we speak or your energy just doesn’t gel.

But a lot of times we may not be the issue. Like when you’re capable and given more responsibilities or a promotion. Or you’re in a competitive environment where everyone’s vying for the same thing. Maybe you’re naturally different and you don’t fit in? Maybe you spoke the truth? Even silly things like when you don’t reciprocate someone’s feelings and you have to face their wrath. Or someone just not liking someone’s ‘face’ without even getting to know them. Not sure how is that considered a valid reason but yet it still is considered a ‘negative energy interaction’ – petty people. Everyone wants to be the judge but no one wants to be judged.

My views on petty people also changed tremendously. In my younger days, like everyone else I get extremely upset and affected, which is exactly what they want. Meeting and seeing so many people now constantly makes me assess further, how insecure does one person have be to always be envious of another or resort to unjustified back biting or taking extreme measures to make sure another person loses out on something. What used to make me upset is now turned to a mixture of understanding and pity. On some level I try to think how and why a person would resort to being a petty person. This is not definitive but one small indicator is when they have their day stem (or day master) doubled somewhere in the birth chart. This indicates someone who is deeply insecure, lacks self identity and constantly monitors/compares themselves to others. They find it difficult to be happy for others but does not necessarily make them a person who would resort to doing such petty things unless the perpetrator has the next indicator, a Cascading Cloud somewhere in their birth chart. Next check their Hurting Officer level. These indicators have to coincide and it should only be a cause for concern if either one of you also have a Harm and Destruction.

As for you……

Traditionally, the book says having substantial 7 Killings in your chart is a sure way of knowing you have a lot of petty people. This general rule is true. But there are rare scenarios where the 7 Killings turns favorable, which would mean you have a lot of extremely powerful nobleman at your disposal. You just need to thread more lightly as when crossed, they still can, literally ‘kill’ you. Also, the more people talk about you, the more famous you become. In this era, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. You actually need people who just won’t shut up about you especially if your job depends on it.

Another way to identify petty people is when you have a Five Ghost äŗ”鬼 appearing in your chart or from the annual pillar (only for 1 year). Next Pig year anyone with the Rabbit in their chart (including luck pillar) has this.

It is also possible that you are confusing your Nobleman as your petty person. There are some idiots put in your life to give you an extremely hard time, but turns out you became better because of it. Like an interviewer who was mean, harsh and closed your door only to have the job of your dreams offered to you right after. Think back on how many times someone’s ‘No‘ lead to the best outcome ever.

But personally, regardless of Petty people or Nobleman, ANYONE who brings you any sort of discomfort should be seen as someone who ultimately makes you better. It overlaps. Always thank them and then send them off with love. Don’t take things so personally. Most times anyone’s reaction to you is just an outburst of them dealing with themselves. Furthermore, you’re better than that ā™„


4 thoughts on “Petty People or Nobleman?

  1. Thank you Mindy! I have always enjoyed reading your blogs. They are full of positive energy and highly perspective. You have helped me see things from different views and I find it very helpful in coping with issues currently experienced in life. I pay it forward by spreading the knowledge and perspectively I gain. I so looking forward to meeting you some day in person when I attend any JY Conferences or Seminars. Again, thank you.


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