How To Love A Heavenly Grass

HTL Grass1.jpg

There is no better way to start the series than with most lustful one, the Heavenly Grass. The Grass has always been tied to somewhat negative connotations but in today’s world as we all know, bad boys attract the most girls and all boys are drawn to naughty girls.

So the number 1 rule to dating a Grass is to not be boring. Be adventurous and spontaneous and keep them guessing. They want to chase the object of their desire and to feel they are in control so they key point is to not give in too soon. Even if you’re in love with Miss Grass, always treat her with respect and adhere to equality. She is less domineering but she still expects the same amount of affection and contribution from you. She is your equal and expects an equal say (if not full) on how things are managed at home. Mr Grass is strong willed and strong minded, your typical Alpha male but when meeting their match, will be extremely devoted and protective.

Grass are intellectuals as well so be interesting but not domineering while exchanging ideas. Grass are happiest when they are able to dispense help and advice to others.

Never ever put them down in public and a few sincere compliments along the way will win you brownie points. They are independent, proactive and are leaders, so it’s usually their way, or the highway. They are usually short tempered and easily hurt so never ever take them or their affection for you for granted. Once hurt, they will to hesitate to replace you.

In love making, they tend to like it rough and to dominate. Foot massages turns them on. As mentioned above, they are the most lustful Star.