How To Love A Heavenly Hero


Heavenly Hero’s are already admirable at first glance. They always look like they are on a mission, focused and hell bent on their goal. They don’t waver, they don’t doubt, they have absolute faith in what they do even in times of uncertainty. They ooze a certain confidence that makes people around them feel warm, safe and want to emulate their footsteps. This, is their greatest charm. If a Heavenly Hero sets their eyes on you, you won’t be able to say no.

Their big heart and wide-eyed enthusiasm always attracts a lot of supporters or adoring ‘fans’ around them. They are well liked and they do know it.

Since they are determined and unwavering, they almost never change their mind once it is made. This is an endearing trait in a partner but can also be translated as stubbornness. Furthermore their larger than life personality can also get a bit overwhelming for their partner. They can be rather dramatic, fickle and temperamental too.

Mr and Miss Hero are old school romantics and are never short of admirers so it may take some effort (and patience) to ward off occasional competitors. The key point is to make them laugh, be lively, be silly. As once they are won over, they make loyal and fiercely protective partners. Nothing is more important to them than their loved ones. Mr Hero can get a bit big headed so he adores someone who will constantly keep him in check and someone who brings him back down to earth. Miss Hero adores her partner and has a way of making her partner feel special. He is the king of her universe. In return, she needs frequent assurance as she (and he) possesses a jealous streak. If you insist on testing this, get ready for a dramatic outburst.

In love making, they are very touchy-feely, love soft touches and to be caressed. Back rubs or stroking their back turns them on. They take their time to enjoy the moment, enjoy their partner and mutual feeling/enjoyment is important to them.



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