How To Love A Heavenly Ambassador


Ambassadors are high rollers, ambitious, achievers and spend most of their life working hard to ensure that they have a good and comfortable life. They have set a certain social standard for themselves and anything lower than their expectation frustrates them. Which is why most of them will do whatever it takes to get there, making them the most successful of all 9 Stars.

That being said, being this driven also comes with being controlling as they believe their way is the only way. Clarity is also important to them as they need things to be clear. Any ambiguity equally frustrates them.

In relationships, they expect to be in control as well. However their cool and aloof demeanor is actually a mask for an insecure and soft heart. They harbor tremendous trust issues and for no reason always feel like everyone is out to get them. They don’t share their emotions well and prefer to push people away. They are also masters of concealing information and are extremely secretive, which is probably why they attract trust issues in the first place.

The key word to their heart is to be dependable. They need to feel that they can trust you and feel safe with you, and this does includes material and financial safety. They can be overly serious (boring) so be someone who excites and constantly uplift them. Mr and Miss Ambassador carries quite a difference here. Mr Ambassador ends up being the most reliable and dependable of all 9 Stars as long as they feel comfortable with you. He takes a very long time to open up to someone so do not take his affections for you for granted. He looks extremely aloof like he does not really care but if you have the patience to peel off the layers, you get a solid and endearing partner who provides for you for life.

Miss Ambassador on the other hand, takes a bit more effort. She is very refined and expects to be seen in nice places and surprised with delightful presents. Material/financial security is the most important thing to her, and it doesn’t need to be luxurious. She will test you a lot in aspects important to her and you need to pass them. She’s more practical and will always take lead of the relationship but once you pass all her tests, you have a steady and sentimental partner for life.

In love making, they are not overly adventurous but they do have the highest stamina. Leg rubs works well with them. You just need to make sure that the environment is nice, classy, comfortable and they can go on and on all night. They are high achievers after all.


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