How To Love A Heavenly Grain


Heavenly Grain has a knack for accumulating. Things, objects, property, furniture, money, just about everything. So the moment you enter their home, it’s bound to be full of things. Incidentally they are the reliable and trustworthy ones. The ones the Ambassadors are looking for. They are always ready to lend a helping hand and are very patient and warm hearted with those around them.

That being said, characters like these can end up being pretty dogmatic and unyielding. Due to this they end up holding themselves back. They are also overly attached to their belongings and can succumb to greed and envy of others. They also don’t take pressure well and dislike any form of uncertainty. They are generally more quiet but topics about investment/asset accumulations or even good food will get the ball rolling.

In love they make life-long and supportive partners. They are very attentive to your needs and you can depend on them to get things done. They seem to know what you’re thinking/feeling and that is what makes them most endearing. The home is their sanctuary. Mr Grain are model husband material. The kind you take home to mother and she instantly approves. But Mr Grain knows his worth so he is picky as well. He would have patiently done his homework and checks before he even decides to date a particular girl because in his mind, he aims to only do this once. If responsible, safe and conservative is your thing, Mr Grain is your man.

Miss Grain is also your model wife material. She takes care of the home, adheres to traditions and customs, makes sure that everything and everyone is in place. She’s extremely resilient and is patient enough to wait and wait…and wait for the right partner. Getting to know her is a bit of a challenge as she is naturally defensive to those she’s not used to. Once comfortable you’ll realize she makes an extremely sweet and reliable partner always attentive to you needs. Don’t get on her wrong side though. They are one of the scariest when angered.

Because the keyword for Grain is slow and patient, in the love making department they also like things slower paced. Even though they are not that adventurous, they do not lack in passion and stamina. Caressing the neck turns them on.



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