How To Love A Heavenly Heart

The one thing you’d notice about the Heavenly Heart is that they are extremely poker faced. It’s extremely difficult to gauge their reaction or emotion to any circumstances. They are the skilled masters of thinking out of the box and always comes up with ingenious ideas to tackle just about anything. They are so independent (and controlling) that they need not rely on anyone, yet are the first to offer help to anyone without asking for anything in return. A true humanitarian, charismatic leader with a sunny disposition.

Being so independent makes them very freedom loving and they need their own space. They are not team players, don’t take too well to instructions and are also not very open to the opinion of others. When challenged, they can turn quite sarcastic and insensitive. They always seem to have too much on their plate which makes them more susceptible to anxiety issues. They don’t like to linger in negativity and will not hesitate to move on from anything or anyone that brings them down. They see this as a total waste of energy.

Be it in love or in life, the Heart is freedom-loving. They have a large personality and believe they are made for large things that not even a relationship could sidetrack that. Mr Heart is extremely difficult to tie down as whatever he tells you could be the exact same thing he says to the next girl. He enjoys the thrill of the chase but may grow bored of it once attained. Of all 9 Stars, the Heart is most likely to dabble in one night stands. If ultimate bad boys are your thing and you can take it, the Heart is the one you’re looking for.

Miss Heart enjoys being surprised, being with a person who matches her vitality and enthusiasm. Boring, stable and predictability is not her thing and she will only give you the light of the day if you manage to challenge her and earn her respect. As long as you’ve earned her respect, she may consider giving up a wee bit of her freedom for you. You also need to give her her own space and not take it too personally. She makes a very exciting and lovable companion and you can be sure you will never have a dull day in your life.

Be it Mr or Miss Heart, don’t bother telling them your sob stories. Unloading any of your past baggages on a Heart will leave them running. Being clingy also drives them away immediately. Appreciate every single time that they chose to spend with you because to them, this is a huge sacrifice. The keyword is to keep things new, fresh, unpredictable and fun.

In love making, they are extremely passionate and experimental. Always up for new experiences and positions to satisfy their inquisitive nature. But at the end of the day Hearts are free-spirits which makes them more open to one-off arrangements but may not necessarily act on it. Stroking and caressing their hair/head turns them on.


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