How To Love A Heavenly Pillar

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Pillars are talkative. Most of them end up becoming speakers, presenters, trainers, vocalist so on and so forth. Even if they are not in that industry, they love to talk and it’s pretty difficult to get them to stay quiet. But this makes them very lively and vibrant people.

The only thing about them is that they are really dogmatic. They follow rules to a tee and expect you to adhere to them too. They have tunnel vision and are very focused on their goals. They make fierce competitors who rarely not achieve their desired goal, and that includes you.

In love, Mr. Pillar is ……. a little complex. He is emotional yet he’s not entirely in touch with his feelings which makes him blow warm and cold very often. On one hand he craves affection and is very physical but yet he will put on a nonchalant and cold attitude towards his loved ones. This makes him look fickle.

Miss Pillar hates playing games. The whole Geng-Yi mind manipulation games will have Miss Pillar running. Playing hard to get or being mysterious also drives them crazy so be as direct and transparent as possible.

Mr and Miss Pillar has to be in control and have to know what is going on at all times, they get very uncomfortable and extremely possessive if you leave them guessing. Do not piss them off. The keyword to their heart is patience, honesty and understanding. Understand that it takes a lot for them to show you their feelings so don’t take it for granted or poke fun at it. They make very fun, engaging partners once you catch their true characteristics. They are always up for something new just to see you smile.

In love making, Pillars are the most sexual of all 9 Stars. So naturally, their most sensitive areas are their private parts. They are downright passionate, imaginative, forceful with the energy to match. Fantasies and role play are their thing no holds barred. But be warned, they are easy to get into bed but may or may not want to have any relationship with you after.


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