How To Love A Heavenly Assistant

Assistants are philosophers. They love pondering about how things work and what makes something tick, all the hows and whys. They love all things knowledge and will endlessly pursue it. They make great scholars, even those who may not have the privilege of high education has an air of wisdom to them.

It only becomes a problem when they become too analytical to the point of fearing action. They tend to ponder far too long until opportunities pass them by. They are also rather sensitive and on an extreme state becomes a know-it-all. They don’t take criticisms too well either.

Naturally they are observant, inquisitive and also the most patient which makes them very great and understanding lovers, open to differences and diversity. Imagine someone who knows how you work, what makes you tick, what is your likes and dislikes without you needing to tell them. That makes Assistants one of the sweetest of 9 Stars.

Mr Assistant likes his alone time. A personal sanctuary to ponder and think. He loves a woman who he is able to discuss his newfound knowledge with. Someone who stimulates his mind before you can stimulate anywhere else *laughs*. The only issue with Mr Assistant is while his IQ is so high, he’s very likely to lack in the EQ department, which makes him not very profound in expressing nor managing emotions. He’ll be as straight as an arrow and if you accept that you will have a loving, caring, understanding partner for life.

Miss Assistant is quite similar and she is the most sensitive and feminine of all 9 Stars. Wooing her is not easy as you need to be really smart and articulate for her to even notice you in the first place. She is reserved and will quietly observe your every move Nothing misses her eye and she expects you to treat her attentively and understand her the way she understands you. Any harsh remark hurts her greatly.

In love making, they know every position in the book, every single erogenous zone just waiting to try them on with the right person. The leg and inner thigh turns them on. They make fun partners as they are inquisitive, exploratory and willing to try ANYTHING once.

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