How To Love a Heavenly Destructor


You must really like challenge to fall in love with a Destructor. Destructors, as the name implies, are adventurous, forceful, warriors, tacticians, your typical Alpha male (or Alpha females). They thrive on thrill, challenges, obstacles and live life on the fast lane. A bit like the Heart, they don’t take commitment that well either.

They get bored very easily. Reckless, impatient, if they wanted something they won’t play by the rules to get it. They don’t have the patience to walk through your problems which makes them somewhat unreliable when you have a bad patch. They also love to talk, sometimes borderline brag, about their achievements, so you’d better be a listener.

Because Destructors are impatient, they judge a person pretty quickly without getting to know them. While some are quite shallow, I also have Destructor friends (with a Surging Snake) who is exceptionally spot on whenever a client walks through his door. The rest always end up in the wrong relationships because they didn’t take the time to get to know the other person enough.

In love, Mr Destructor will charm and woo his way into any girl’s heart (and pants) and you are going to have a hard time saying No. Once they set a goal, they will achieve it by all means possible. Your biggest challenge is keeping his interest in you as he gets bored very easily. So the keyword is to let him do the chasing. For someone seemingly Alpha, he ironically prefers someone who is interesting and independent enough to stand their own next to him. Anyone too soft, too conservative and clingy is not their cup of tea.

Miss Destructor is ….. really demanding and not that easy to understand. She likes to friend-zone potential partners as a way to assess if they are right for her. She’s always like one of the boys and it’s not that easy to figure out of she is even interested in you in the first place. But the key to her heart is always surprise her, be fun, teach her new things everyday and accept her dual personality. She expects you to treat her and speak to her as an equal and to give her the space she needs. She is quite possessive of you but smother or confine her and she will drop you like a fly.

In love making, they are exceptionally exhilarating and expects every encounter to top the last. Change your positions and environment often, be bold enough to try something very new. Kissing or gentle strokes to their arms and legs turns them on. Not for the faint hearted.


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