How To Love A Heavenly Bird


The Bird always appears with the Grain star. If your Day Master appears in the Center palace, that makes you a Bird.

The thing about a Bird is how refined they are. They make great conversationalist as they are worldly, intellectual with a broad vision to match. They are extremely creative and there is always an air of calmness and awe to them.

The only issue is that sometimes their vision can be too broad for their abilities and makes them look boastful, but they are determined to achieve it nonetheless. This vision is sometimes changeable as well, which makes them rather fickle. While they are out chasing their dreams they won’t have too much time to run your errands either.

In love, Mr Bird easily attracts the opposite sex due to his charm and sentimental demeanor. They seem to understand and know what you want but due to the broad vision he set upon himself, he is constantly searching for the perfect woman who does not exist. He gets disappointed when reality does not match his worldly expectations. The key point is to manage his expectation way up front.

Miss Bird is a master seductress. She’s sensual, feminine and she, like Mr Bird, understands you enough to know what you want. Wooing her does not come cheap. She enjoys being wined and dined at the finest places and she wants to feel that she is your whole world. Sentimental gestures also impresses her like love notes or remembering key dates that are important to her. The key to her heart is to strategically place short breaks in the relationship. This will make her miss and appreciate you more.

In love making, they yearn creativity and passion. It has to be sweet, refined and anything too rough will not sit well with them. Skin contact, lower back and the stomach area are their weak spots. They are sensual, classy beings and expect to be treated as such.



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