The Death and Emptiness Code

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Death and Emptiness (DE) on its own is a very complex subject. Its usage is also very wide depending on what your concern is. While everyone panics while learning this, it has nothing to do with death and it has a whole lot of good uses as well.

For starters, DE just means a void or vacuum. It literally sucks an element up like a black hole. People who have DE anywhere in their natal chart are natural wanderers. They are forever in search of some sort of meaning hence we use the word “Spiritual”. If you’ve ever done a consult with me I’ve explained I never see religion as spirituality. You can be very religious and totally not spiritual, vice versa. Anything that builds/trains your mind, opens up your heart and ultimately be a better person is Spirituality. What method you choose is totally up to you.

I’ve asked every single person I’ve met who has more than 1 DE in their natal chart and as of today everyone has admitted to having some sort of “superpower”. Either they can see spirits, are psychics or possess just about any sort of extra sensory ability. Almost all of them end up dabbling in something metaphysical, the remainder had their 3rd eye closed.

That’s the freakier side of it. What if you just have 1 then? Or it comes in from your luck pillars or just visiting for 1 year. You’ll realise you suddenly start soul-searching. You suddenly want meaning. There must be more to life than just this.

For more advanced practitioners, DE is extremely useful if you have 1 element that is at a 100%. This is too high and unusable. Like having all your gold bars locked in a safe and you forgot the bloody lock combination. Then the DE keeps you in check. From abnormal, back to normal. For example, if your Eating God, Yi Wood element is 100%, you will be kept in check if you have a DE in the Rabbit, Goat or Dragon. The theory says any DE reduces 50% of an element although I have no way of verifying the exact percentage. But I can assure you it’s lessened to a healthier state. Why Goat, Rabbit and Dragon? Because they all have a Yi in the hidden stem. Lifetime ‘medication’ if in your own chart, 10 years ‘medication’ if in the luck pillar, 1 year if in the annual pillar, and if your spouse has it, they become your ‘medication’ everytime they are around. You become better everytime they are around, how nice is that?

What if your element was lower to begin with and it is in DE? Then whatever the 10 Gods and pillar it represents, you can never have enough of, or is never enough for you. Like stuffing your safe full till your gold bars can’t fit anymore yet still feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled. The correct word would be insatiable.

There are a few more theories I have on DE that needs a bit more real life experiments and will share it in due time. If you enjoy learning topics like these and more, the sign up for Grow Rich with Bazi is ending today. You seriously won’t want to miss it.





17 thoughts on “The Death and Emptiness Code

  1. Wow, thank you for another great post!

    I never thought DE could be beneficial. My next two luck pillars has DE and that got me worried.

    Hope you write more about DE in the future. Really appreciate the way you write (beginners like me can understand).


  2. hi Mindy, thank you so much for this info and just love reading your articles! how do I interpret if I have a DE in my career/month pillar? Btw, I am already a GRWbazi student.

    regards, June ________________________________


  3. Thank you, I got 2 one in hour rat yang water and same in year rat yang water, the hidden stems appear with Gui -water 7K in both.


  4. Hi Mindy,

    Can you clarify what do you mean by this?
    ” Lifetime ‘medication’ if in your own chart, 10 years ‘medication’ if in the luck pillar, 1 year if in the annual pillar, and if your spouse has it, they become your ‘medication’ everytime they are around. ”
    Do you mean if it’s lessen due to DE then you’re safe – i.e at a healthier level? (assuming the element is useful to you). This also means that assuming there is no combination (either via Luck Pillar, Annual Pillar) to DE, else it’s back to 100% again – i.e unhealthy state?
    Btw, very informative writeup! Enjoy reading all your entries! Keep it up 🙂


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