Death And Emptiness in Qimen

I realised a lot of people still ask me about this, most of them who didn’t attend Day 0 of Qimen Academy Live where I addressed this on stage.

Death and Emptiness (DE) in a Qimen Chart will look like this:

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 11.45.08 AM.png

or this depending which chart you use:

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 11.50.08 AM.png

See that little DE written at the side of the orange bar?

Death and Emptiness is used a bit differently in Bazi and Qimen but it still carries the same connotation, that is it is a spiritual pillar.

In Qimen Forecasting it always means “not yet” or it can sometimes mean something you can do but already decided not to do. For example I got a DE when I was asking about a new (day) job offer that I got which was tremendously good. I already got the papers waiting for my signature but it was in DE. Meant that I chose to forego it because I wanted to give more time to my metaphysics endeavors. But if you’re asking about the timeline of an outcome you need to wait for the DE to be “filled” which means the month when the DE palace is filled (same palace) or clashed (opposite palace) whichever is faster. Horse Star (HS) in the same place nullifies the DE – If you don’t get this concept ignore it for now 🙂

Screen Shot 2019-04-04 at 4.55.36 PM.png

Now you’re going to ask me how to look at the months:

  • North: Rat: December
  • NorthEast: Ox/Tiger : January/February
  • East: Rabbit: March
  • SouthEast: Dragon/Snake: April/May
  • South: Horse: June
  • SouthWest: Goat/Monkey: July/August
  • West: Rooster: September
  • NorthWest: Dog/Pig: October/November

In Qimen Strategic Execution, you use any Deity even with a DE because anything in the Universe realm is not affected by DE. However all the other components are not very effective, half effective, so to speak but personally I will choose to not use them. Just pick another date.

In Qimen Feng Shui, only if you’re using the hour chart and not the proper Qimen FS chart, it could possibly be a missing sector or something in that area that is incomplete at that point in time.

In Qimen Destiny, Death and Emptiness in your Destiny Palace (like the second chart above) means you are a spiritual person. The best news is that you access your Deities way faster no matter the level. You soul search all the time, you want purpose, you search for some sort of meaning other than material or financial gain. You’re certainly not driven by worldly pleasures.

This is why DE is seen as unfavorable in the ancient days where Wealth, Power, Domination, Colonization, Fame, Ego is the core life and measure of success (still is isn’t it?). Having someone who keeps pondering about the true meaning of it all, meditate about the source of all being, spend most time deciphering messages of the Universe is not something seen as profitable nor practical.

This is not to say a person with DE will not find wealth, power and prestige. In fact a lot of them do but the right example would be that if someone ever tried to buy you over with one of these, if it’s not something you believe or find meaning in, your answer is a thank you but no. Your measure of fulfillment will be somewhat different. Ever wondered how powerful and free a person is when they make money yet are not governed by money?

Those whose DE is in your Chief, 9 Heavens, 9 Earth or Grappling Hook even if it’s not in your Destiny palace are most likely to have precognitive abilities.
These are a part of the topics we discuss in our Qimen Mastery programs and also some in our Qimen Club meetings, if you’re really interested in Qimen you can talk to any of our sales/course team members.

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