Fan Yin/Fu Yin Charts in Qi Men

There was a day last week that Kevin Chan woke up me in the morning to tell me that there is a pure Fu Yin Chart, this was the chart 🙂

A Fu Yin chart is where the Stems are doubled. It’s even more Fu Yin when the Doors and Stars are back at their original position.  What this original position is, is already in the Compendium, you can look it up. But what it means is that this chart happens to be a pure Fu Yin Chart. The stems, doors, stars, are all in Fu Yin. 

That being said, what does that mean and why did Kevin wake me up in the morning for this? 

In Qimen Destiny, we actually like to see Fu Yin charts. It denotes pure energy. Your inside and your outside is congruent, meaning your thoughts and your actions are in alignment. Your character is…. like that. What you see is what you get. Straight. I like straight forward people, makes life a lot easier. Accessing anything in your chart becomes easier, stronger and clear cut. 

In Qimen Forecasting, depending on your question, it means no movement, no progress, stagnation. If you’re asking about Health, this is a good thing. It means your disease is no longer progressing and you will heal. If you’re asking if you will be retrenched, it’s also good news. It’s all good unless you’re expecting progress. 

In Qimen Strategic Execution, Kevin got me to wake up to meditate, Qigong, enhance Qi, anything. Because the energy is at it’s purest there is a lot less noise and a whole lot of clarity. This is the best time for energy cultivation of any sort to retune/realign your own energy, so to speak. You’re going to ask me which one to choose right? Anyone. Depending what you want to cultivate at this moment. 

Now the Fan Yin is a bit different, it’s when the doors and stars are in opposite palaces, like so:

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 10.24.42 AM.png If you don’t get this at all, just ignore this for now. 

In Qimen Destiny, it denotes someone who always does the wrong thing (Door) at the wrong time (Star). If it’s only Door Fan Yin, your actions are always either ahead or behind time. Fantastic if you’re ahead. Can also mean doing the wrong thing/making the wrong decision at the right time/place. If your Star is Fan Yin, you’re always doing the right thing but at the wrong time/place. It also means a lot of frustration and obstacles because timing or circumstances are always not in sync. They key is to to work with it and stay ahead instead of behind.

In Qimen Forecasting, it means a lot of changes. A lot of movement and lack of stability. Wrong place, wrong time. Right place, wrong time. Wrong place, right time. 

In Qimen Strategic Execution, I haven’t thought of what this can be used for yet… possibly if you want to create movement or momentum. Feel free to share if you can think of anything 🙂


9 thoughts on “Fan Yin/Fu Yin Charts in Qi Men

  1. HI MIndy, i have a confusion whereby my natal chart show i am Jia Yang Wood as Day MAster
    but i could not find “Jia” in the Qimen chart, Am i reading the wrong item?


  2. Hello Mindy,

    Great post again, I am coming back to it regularly, to refresh myself.

    Also, I think Fu Yin seems scary to some people but personally I feel it’s the easiest of the 2 to understand. Nothing is moving or changing, thus no headaches, the only solution to this is to wait it out or do something in the meantime.

    For the Fan Yin position, this is the best as it’s disruptive and for Strategic execution, it could be used to escape a bad situation and turn the tide. What do you think?


  3. Hi Mindy,
    Thank you for the article.
    I have a question, does this mean that during Fu yin hour, Does it mean that during Fu Yin, any activity won’t produce results/ progress. For example, like a sales pitch.


  4. Hi Mindy, I asked a relationship question and got a fuyin chart similar to the first picture. Does this mean there will be no progress? Also I understand yi belongs to the female and geng is the male, and geng falls in the center of the chart. What does this mean? Thanks,


  5. Happy New Year Mindy! I asked if my mom shall travel overseas this May and I have got a fu yin chart. My question is if she could go or not. Thanks in advance.


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