The Tai Ji Nobleman Code in Bazi & Qimen

I had a series of interesting consults recently that made me want to write about this. The stories are rather touching, a little heart wrenching even, the kind that a number of you have also asked yourselves this same question before “Why did I have to go through (insert heartbreaking past events here)??“. The answer is always, at least my answer is always “Because you are meant for greater things“. The irony is that Wisdom… actually comes from learning how to deal with pain. The catch is you have to be willing to deal with it in the first place instead of numbing yourself.

I looked further into their charts, most has a Tai Ji Nobleman. You always hear us talk about the Tai Ji Nobleman when people ask if they can pick up or absorb metaphysics, if they have the ‘affinity’ so to speak.

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 4.23.50 PM.png

If you are Yi, look for the Rat/Horse in any pillar in your chart. If it’s in your Luck Pillar then you only have this for 10 years. It denotes a strong thirst and affinity with anything metaphysics, supernatural and spiritual. (Although this is only ONE of many ways to determine this) but also preferably without a clash – e.g. Geng Tiger with also a Monkey in the chart. Usually people with this clash will denounce or reject their talents in this area which may cause them to go through even more hardship in life. The only exception is a Mao-You clash (even if you’re not Bing/Ding), this apparently triggers your 6th sense.

And I’m not saying all Tai Ji Nobleman will experience pain, no. Those pain comes from the unfavorable interactions in your chart but to have all that with a Tai Ji Nobleman, your painful experience is definitely preparing you for a bigger life purpose. Because you ARE meant for bigger things. Sometimes we are the ones stopping ourselves from our bigger goals, bigger purpose, bigger achievements by still harping on the pain, the attachments or even the greed.

Now I’m going to add on another layer. I’m going to tie this in with a bit of Qimen Destiny:

  1. You need to first identify that you do have a Tai Ji Nobleman in your Bazi.
  2. Look at what is your Qimen Guardian of Destiny (it’s in the Bazi chart plotter)
  3. If your Guardian of Destiny is:
    • Tai Ji Nobleman + Chief = The Magician. Literally like the tarot card, you have a knack of making things appear (or disappear) out of thin air. Your lifetime motto came from the Chipsmore cookie advertisement.
    • Tai Ji Nobleman + Surging Snake = The Vessel. Energy literally moves in and out of your body like a channel. Really good if you’re into Reiki or some sort of mediumship.
    • Tai Ji Nobleman + Black Tortoise = The Sorcerer. Most likely to be very into religious activities and the occult.
    • Tai Ji Nobleman + Moon = The Wikipedia. Knows every single theory there is to know about metaphysics and very likely to preach/teach them. The only thing is that they may not be good at the application.

Will only talk about this 4 for now as I want to gather more research for the rest and some deities don’t really gel with the Tai Ji Nobleman to begin with. I’ll write about the rest of the criteria that are tied to having strong metaphysical affinity soon.


12 thoughts on “The Tai Ji Nobleman Code in Bazi & Qimen

  1. Hi Mindy…You are very generous and I really apreciate it…I have Yi in Month.. and Yi and Ji in hidden stars [underneath] Also have Ji in day hidden stars. That means i have the heavenly doctor as noblemen? I have 7 harmony gaurdian…Iam rearally confused…so many to decode..If you can suggest one book or 2 to start with terminology symbols and whatever you think is suitable for me…Not many books becouse I will be lost. Οne at a time.
    I follow JOEY YAP and all the team from last January but it needs a lot of studing….and i dont have enough time coz im strungling…
    Thank you very much are a very sweet and gentle person!


  2. I have a Tian Ji Nobleman as im a Ji Wei day master. Not only one but 3 Tain Ji nobleman in day, year and hour with a snake as my guardian. I can predicted future and have a strong 6th sense that good or bad will coming. Kind of scary.


  3. Thanks for sharing Mindy. My brother has Ren Shen DM with Tiger in Year pillar. So there is a clash. He has Chief deity although at level 1. He said he will hear someone talk to him and he doesn’t like it.We think he has delusion. Now that I read this, I wonder if what he is experiencing is true. How would we encourage him to utilise this talent?


  4. Hi Mindy, my DM is Yi Yin Wood, noble people Monkey and Rat. Luck pillar this period has a Horse. QMDY destiny palace is Surging Snake. Would I succeed in cultivating 6th sense or affinity with anything metaphysics, supernatural and spiritual? Or do i fall under this category “Tai Ji Nobleman + Surging Snake = The Vessel. Energy literally moves in and out of your body like a channel. Really good if you’re into Reiki or some sort of mediumship.” and how can i cultivates it? thank you 😉


    • Hi Brian, yes, you’re really intuitive, u can sense energy changes and you’re gifted in feng shui actually. Snakes also tend to follow some sort of religion or spiritual following so that’s something you can do as well. Pick those up.

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      • Thank you very much for the analysis! I’ve been doing mantra on off but so far no results 😦 now that you pointed out about my affinity, i’ll put in more effort to see if I can break through. Thank you!


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