Mind Your Health

I noticed a lot of clients getting more and more concerned about their Health these day, a lot of their questions revolve around potential Health issues. I’ve wanted to share this for awhile now but didn’t have the time to fine tune it.

I remembered last year when I was coughing for a whole 6 months last year. I took all sorts of western medication but it took a coincidental visit to try some alternative healing to realize that whenever I entered “Sage Mode”, I actually do not cough until the therapy focused on the throat chakra. Then I gag.

Now a lot of times and even in the teachings of Medical Qigong, our health is a product of our thoughts, our emotions and our lifestyle. When you look at a Bazi chart, it charters out individual thoughts, habits, emotions and life patterns. Why you end up with certain predicament is more often than not, your reaction to life.

So after I finished that treatment, the moment I went back I started just saying whatever I wanted to say without a care in the world. I am heavy Earth anyway and heavy Earth people have this stupid habit of bottling up everything no matter how big it is. My crazy cough went away in a week.

This coincidentally reminded me of an interesting study done by a local Neurologist I had the privilege to listen to in a retreat I attended 2 years ago. I can’t share everything but this the general idea of her entire study:

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 4.11.07 PM.png

One awesome thing is that this is how we can link it to physiognomy – Face reading. If you have enough time you can also try to map this back to individual Bazi to see if we can find relating interactions without even looking at the chart.

So back to Bazi, that it tells us one’s default character, then from that character it tells us how you are going to react or decide, and from that tells us what kind of lifestyle you’re very likely to have and emotions you’re likely to suppress (or explode.. lol!) and from that tells us what kind of health issues you’re likely to get – which, as mentioned above…is actually caused by the way you react in the first place. It’s the exact same method we use to “predict” the outcome of your actions when we do your life planning. Some people do enjoy suffering because they refuse to leave certain situations.

So everything, eventually is closely linked together. Manage your emotions and you manage everything else. But yes, much easier said than done so this in the meantime, this acts as a soft guide for you to refer to ❤



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