The Celestial Mentor Nobleman Code

Joe Boey gave me a spontaneous task to do yesterday during his Nobleman workshop 🙂

We all love Nobleman, a little help can never hurt be it from a friend, a colleague, a boss, a stranger even that we so happen to meet on a trip or through a friend that creates a lasting bond. The key here is to create a lasting friendship with your Nobleman as they are your precious friends, confidants and hopefully not someone you just make use of one time off.

So there are really MANY types of noblemen that we can identify in our chart. The easiest one, called the 天乙貴人 Tian Yi Nobleman is the one that is already written clearly in your chart:


  • Year: Help from social network, acquaintances, mentors
  • Month: Help from colleagues, parents, anyone to do with work and business.
  • Day: Help from spouse or people your spouse know.
  • Hour: Help from children, staff, students, people under your care.
  • Luck Pillar: Help from external parties that you will meet within 10 years.
  • Annual Pillar: Help from external parties that you will meet within 1 year.

If you’re not too happy that you don’t have any Nobleman in your chart, there is another Nobleman that we call the Celestial Mentor – please do not confuse this with the Celestial Animal in the same chart. The Celestial Mentor only appears in the Thrive Report that we handed out individually to everyone in our Thrive events.

In short, the Celestial Mentor nobleman is the Stem that combines with our Day Master, then look at the chart below:

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 12.34.21 PM

In Advanced Bazi, Resource also acts as your Nobleman star. There’s just more than 1 way to actually look for external help.

During Joe’s session yesterday, someone asked about Peach Blossom stars or what we call Likability stars which I will be covering in my upcoming workshop on 22nd May 2019, Joey Yap Conference Center, Mid Valley.

If you’re interested in topics like these and more, do join us at our upcoming Bazi Academy and get in touch with our Team JY for more information.


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