Unlocking The Qimen Doors: Door of Harm 傷門

“If you want quick results, use the Deity, if you want permanent results, use the Door”

Doors are part of the Earth realm which requires action/interaction on our part. Nothing beats creating destiny (or permanence) by going out to get it yourself.


The Door of Harm 傷門

Wood | Zhen Gua | NorthEast | 3

If you have a Qimen Destiny Harm door, you just love challenges and adventure. You like to be in control and you naturally have a aggressive and go-getter attitude. You’re basically a warrior, a strong General even, you do not take no for an answer and you want it as fast as possible. You cannot sit still and you’re always finding the next big thing to conquer or invent. This makes you very high strung which can affect your health. People with Harm door can have slight Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which comes from their need to be in control and their quest for perfection. You want things your way, like to put things in a certain way, a certain direction, your house must be in a certain order or else you will be very frustrated. People with Harm door in their Destiny palace are also very intelligent and great at strategy, like generals they know how to assess risk and steer their army to victory.

In Qimen Forecasting Harm door is all about Sales. Harm door is also for looking for just about anything. But if you’re asking about an outcome, Harm door does mean set back, impulsive action, some sort of damage done or something very fast moving. In relationship forecasting it can mean lingering hurt that has not gone away.

In Qimen Strategic Execution, use the Harm door to search for something, a good property for instance, a good contract, a good job, a good strategy, just about anything and everything matched with the correct Stars and Deity. Harm door has been widely used for gambling as well but there are certain formations that need to adhere to it. Try it at your own risk.

In Qimen Feng Shui, if your front door or your bed room happen to be in the area of the Harm door it does represent that your money outflow is very high.

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3 thoughts on “Unlocking The Qimen Doors: Door of Harm 傷門

  1. Thanks a lot for those precious info.Is there any book i could get about the formations of the doors and how to use it? Or a series of books with gods..stars etc Than you!


  2. Hi Mindy, if we are manifesting, our back is facing the direction. But if we are searching online for the info which is the action, do we sit facing the direction or our back facing it?


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