Unlocking The Qimen Doors: Door of Fear 驚門

“If you want quick results, use the Deity, if you want permanent results, use the Door”

Doors are part of the Earth realm which requires action/interaction on our part. Nothing beats creating destiny (or permanence) by going out to get it yourself.

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The Door of Fear 驚門 

Metal| Dui Gua | West | 7

If you have a Qimen Destiny Fear door, you most likely had a childhood where you were really afraid of 1 thing (could be many too), like fear of the dark, fear of clowns, fear of heights, just about anything. So it’s not uncommon that Fear door people started off in life with anxiety issues, panic attacks and may still carry it. This can cause quite a bit of health issues. The Fear door can go 2 ways: you can fall into the category of those who still don’t take risks, don’t enjoy changes and still allowing challenges to cripple you, turn you suspicious, doubting everything and anything. But, if you flip it around and do every single thing that you’re afraid of, like do aerial silk when you’re afraid of heights. Be a speaker when you normally black out in front of audiences, even as simple as answering back to people who disrespect you or bully you, you gain a certain amount of confidence. This is the confidence and discipline we need to turn this Fear door into someone extremely influential. At its best, Fear door commands attention, respect, honor and their words carry weight. At its ultimate best, you command so much respect that you incite fear in others, accidentally or not. Hence they make very good speakers, coaches, lawyers or teachers.

In Qimen Forecasting Fear door actually represents lawsuits, capture and also recognition. Or depending on the question you were asking it brings a sense of fear, panic or general discontent in the situation. When asking about legal matters, Fear door is the opponent’s lawyer. In a relationship forecast if the Fear door is with 6 Harmony this denotes an unstable relationship constantly plagued by fear and intimidation. At worst any sort of partnership dissolution will be brought to court.

In Qimen Strategic Execution, we usually only use this door if you want to incite fear or scare tactics. This door is also great for sales pitching when capitalizing on people’s phobia or fear. Health insurance is an example. This door is also good to launch a sudden sales campaign or to announce something to ward of competitors. The tactic to use is FEAR  – False Evidence Appearing Real.

In Qimen Feng Shui, this would represent the area of your house where the energy is a bit more erratic. Like your gym room or playroom might be in this area. It can also represent the area that has the most noise, alarms, or your in-house entertainment area. Externally it can denote the busiest street or a playground. If there is a Ren together with the Fear door it represents a huge drain.

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