Unlocking The Qimen Doors: Open Door 開門

“If you want quick results, use the Deity, if you want permanent results, use the Door”

Doors are part of the Earth realm which requires action/interaction on our part. Nothing beats creating destiny (or permanence) by going out to get it yourself.


The Open Door 開門

Metal| Qian Gua | NorthWest | 6

If you have a Qimen Destiny Open door, one of your best trait is that you have a very open mind and very accepting to all ideas and viewpoints. This makes you a great conversationalist and you seem to easily share and accept every single difference of opinion. Your open heart and open mind naturally draws people to you and whenever possible should always travel far and wide to further broaden your horizons. It always looks like things goes very smoothly and opportunities drawn to you but that is because of your ability to look at any obstacles objectively and turn it all around to your favor. When you open your heart, the world opens up to you as well.

In Qimen Forecasting Open door represents your career. It represents opportunities, new beginnings, people who are open to listen to your ideas. Things that you were aiming for will be found. The only time this is not ideal is in a Relationship and Health forecast. One denotes an open relationship that is free for all parties and another denotes surgery.

In Qimen Strategic Execution, the Open Door is a very suitable door to do launches, openings, expansion, business commencement, moving to a new residence. This is also very suitable to use when you need to have a discussion with someone who does not want to change their mind. Sometime you find the one with the rigid mind is you, so you may meditate with this door to open up your own mind as well.

In Qimen Feng Shui, this would represent the main door or the gate. It is also possible that there is a open area or a bright hall. Spending time in this area would give a boost to your career and improve your thinking pattern.

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