Unlocking The Qimen Doors: Door of Rest休門

“If you want quick results, use the Deity, if you want permanent results, use the Door”

Doors are part of the Earth realm which requires action/interaction on our part. Nothing beats creating destiny (or permanence) by going out to get it yourself.

8Doors (2).png

The Door of Rest 休門 

Water| Kan Gua | North | 1

When all else is done it’s time to kick back, relax and rejuvenate ourselves before you spring to life again.

If you have a Qimen Destiny Rest door, you’re naturally pretty laid back to begin with. You have an agreeable personality and it’s easy to talk to you. Comfort is important to you and you do make sure you do well enough to afford the comfort that you need. Your family, your relationships, health and wellbeing are the most important components in your life. Whenever you can you will always take time to travel, relax and pamper yourself especially when life gets a little too stressful, because if there’s one thing you’re not good at it’s managing stress. You are also naturally less proactive and will need certain trigger points or key incidents to get you moving. Unhealthy Rest doors can be rather lazy and does not do much apart from sleep.

In Qimen Forecasting Rest door represents exactly that, rest. It’s all about rejuvenation, relaxation, pleasure, travelling, mingling, social parties, family events, eating and drinking and even bedroom activities. If you were asking about progress, you might be asked to take a break before you are able to continue. Rest door is great with it comes to family matters, relationship matters and health matters. It’s a great door to de-stress and meet up with loved ones.

In Qimen Strategic Execution, this door is best used for meditation especially with Chief, 9 Heavens or 9 Earth deities. You can also use Rest door if you’re looking to heal (physically and emotionally) from something or to embark on a great spiritual holiday. It’s great to hold gatherings especially if they also involve family. It’s generally a great door to use for deepening your bond with friends, family and business related acquaintances. It’s also great door to use to heal after surgery or a health issue. Sexual activities are also governed by this door, in case you have any intention to pick a specific date/area for it.

In Qimen Feng Shui, this would be the best place to position your bedroom in order to be well rested. It can also represent a healing space, spa, entertainment outlets, places you go to let your hair down and de-stress. It could also represent lakes or water features if other water components are in place. 

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