The Shen Sha Code: Cascading Cloud 流霞

I love Shen Sha a lot and I use it a lot in my readings. Some don’t. So it’s entirely up to you to come up with your own preferential method. I say this because I know you guys are going to start asking me so should you see this or that? Why so many things to see? So do I use this or that? The answer is… find your own style.

Today let’s talk about the bad stuff. In the context of petty people there so many ways to identify them from one’s chart, there’s so many stars for petty people it’s like the ancient scholars purposely love picking up the bad stuff. So in terms of petty people, Cascading Cloud is the worst. The reason being that when the Cascading Cloud comes in, these are enemies or petty people who not just talk bad or make up stories about you but the kind who actually take the time to plan and execute your downfall, make sure you lose something, put you in jail, defame you to the media, people who knows your weakness and uses it to hold you back, so on and so forth. It’s not going to be nice at all. They are usually hidden enemies (shrouded in the clouds), the ones you can not see and may not even expect.

Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 11.31.04 AM.png

The only thing about reading Shen Sha is that traditionally, freewill is not taken into consideration which makes it an effective tool for high level predictions. But now we are taught that Shen Shas are very dynamic. It can work 1 way, work 2 ways, you can be at the receiving end, you can also be the perpetrator which actually makes it a very strategic tool. Each time I look at a Shen Sha, all I see is solutions to problems you’re going to face.  

If you already have a Cascading Cloud in your natal chart, it can mean a few things: That you personally are quite vicious and vengeful to begin with. Thinking of revenge itself, even if you’re not doing it, does qualify. For example, if someone actually gave you a free opportunity to kill off your competitor/someone you’re envious of without any consequences, would you do it? Most Cascading Clouds would not hesitate hence you attract people like that to you as well. Someone wise once told me, the people around you are a reflection of you. You do attract who you are.

But if you also noticed, there is no Rat and there is no Ox, so it’s safe to say that generally these 2 (especially day masters) do not carry this personality (Or they could have only this personality at work or with friends) but will still pull in petty or enviously people from other pillars who would harm them. Maybe things change in just that particular year asking you to finally stand up for yourself and protect yourself. For advanced student you can check the pillar it falls in to identify who/what 10 Gods it represents.

In this 2019 Ji Hai year, the one who will feel it most are the Gui, Yin Waters. Because not only it’s a 7 Killings, it’s also a Cascading Cloud year. The only ones who won’t feel a thing (and thrive) are the ones with very healthy Eating Gods. The rest of you are going to need to find a Vibranium shield 🙂



4 thoughts on “The Shen Sha Code: Cascading Cloud 流霞

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  3. Well Written Article …, good explanations .., especially the passive and active part and the 7 Killing and Eating God Analogy ., Many Thanks .., Let the codes keep flowing ..,


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