The Shen Sha Code: Red Matchmaker 紅鸞

Naturally I have a lot of single friends who excitedly comes to me when they meet someone new. I was joking with a client the other day that it’s extremely difficult to date a metaphysician. We can “swipe left and right” faster than Tinder just by glancing at charts before knowing you *laughs*. Another good friend recently gave me FOUR charts to choose from. It just took me a quick glance at all 4 to immediately pick out 1 telling this person, “This one, you’re already in love with this one. The rest doesn’t matter anymore”.

As for HOW I know this? It’s by looking at this Auxiliary Star (Shen Sha). As I’ve mentioned some practitioners don’t place much importance on Shen Sha but I do. Some stars can supersede stem combinations which may not be favourable to begin with (and of course some don’t). So this is a subjective technique and entirely up to you.

So as a post-workshop post, I talked about 4 main Peach Blossom stars. Some are all about charisma, some all about lust, this one, the Red Matchmaker, we like to see because it’s all about LOVE. As logical minded as I am, I still see this as the most important thing ever. Relationship is all about LOVE (Okay if you’re that traditional maybe to you it’s just a mean to produce an heir then you don’t have this star). Because as long as there is love, you literally move mountains. It’s like a superpower, power boost, everything 10Xed if you want to put it that way but I’m not crazy enough to take some passionate, whirlwind romance as love. Love is about Trust, Respect, Honor, Giving, Growth, a LOT of Tolerance.

Of course we don’t like to see it clashed off which is why we also place importance on the other 7 criterias to make sure the whole relationship stays intact. Out of 7, this is just one albeit the most important one. But you get the point, the aim to the whole relationship game is to hit as many as possible so that when 1-2 is clashed off there will be other things holding the relationship in place.


Back to the Red Matchmaker, some combinations are better than others. Also to me it’s less ideal if you have this already in your natal chart. All it tells me is that you are going to get married, and to someone who may or may not be suitable for you – that requires further assessment, but at that point in time you thought they were. Then you’re going to ask me what if you already passed it? What if it’s at 70 years old?? Not to worry because we have 7 other criteria and also the most preferred configuration for the Red Matchmaker is when the animal sign actually appears in someone else’s chart. That way, you love them all over again every single day. How nice is that?

So what does Red Matchmaker Shen Sha actually feel like? The entire purpose of this star is to fall in love. Even when you’ve got your heart broken into pieces and sworn off men/women forever, the moment this star comes in from another person you are going to have to eat your own words. This usually leads to marriage and even if not a very solid loving relationship that will stand the test of time.

The Red Matchmaker is with the Dragon this year. Most Dragons (or Dragon somewhere in the chart) got their heart really broken last year all the way up to March 2019. This year, open up your heart again. Pick yourself up, learn the lesson and move on. It’s safe to love again 🙂



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